Vodafone UK has released on their site 4 new phone that will be coming to them from April onwards, and funnily enough, they’re all Android Devices. This means we should see them here in the near future!3

The first is the HTC Desire. As Telstra has the exclusive on this for three months. We should see it appear at Vodafone in July.

The next is the HTC Legend. This could appear at Vodafone AU at any time in the next 3 months.

The third, is our friend the

Last but not least, the . It is being brought to Australia, but a date is also yet to be set.

Thanks for the Android love Voda!

Edit: I understand it’s the UK Vodafone site. But what happens in the UK for Vodafone follows in Australia, it’s always been like that. If only Australia would keep up!


  • ltp

    The link is for the UK site for vodafone.

    • http://ausdroid.net/ iMuse

      What happens in the UK, usually happens a few months after here. But thanks for pointing it out ;)

  • http://fourtheye.net hellboy1975

    Hopefully Three won’t be far behind them…