Tuesday , May 31 2016

Desire available from Telstra on April 27 for $779

Telstra has announced the pricing of the Desire. Although it’s not as cheap as importing it, it will indeed work on their own NextG network. It’ll be out on April 27


  • Outright: $779
  • $65 plan over 24 months: $0
  • $65 Business plan over 24 months (includes 300MB data): $0

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The phone will indeed run Telstra’s homegrown apps such as Mobile Foxtel & Whereis

[Pic & Info from: CRN]  

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  • Outright cost isn’t as much as I expected, but the plans sound a little pricey. Any word on if it’s locked?

    • Outright is network unlocked, being on a plan may be a different story.

  • ltp

    Not as bad as i thought. Though it is not clear what is included with these plans.

  • andrew

    I have got this phone, but i find it to be a pain in the A.. when ever i answer it they cannot hear me then i have to redial, is this a fault i am with telstra it is a major problem specially when i use it for work………………

  • Adz

    Andrew, no such prob’s with mine… I bought mine outright and am on LiveConnected though, so don’t know if that makes any difference.

    FWIW, I LOVE this phone! Even my iWank mates are secretly jealous 😉

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