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So you own a HTC Desire from Telstra and you want to remove those, dare I say, stupid BigPond applications? Well I have the answer for the Android/Tech savvy, Root your Desire! Now, let’s keep that in context. “Rooting” is the procedure for gaining Root Access of the Device so you can tamper with, normally locked, system files, which allows you to do some pretty cool stuff such a flashing a Generic ROM (no BigPond apps/integration) onto your Telstra Desire.

Now I did this a week ago, and a few of you asked me to write up my experiences and if it was worth it. Click “Read more” to find out!

Is it worth it?

Yes! if you don’t use any of the BigPond apps (like me) then it’s extremely worth it. You don’t have to spend time trying to find the app you want in the app drawer between all the pointless BigPond crap. The only thing I half miss is the Foxtel Mobile application, but even that was filled with repeats.

Is it faster?

No, it’s very much the same speed as the Telstra ROM.

Is it stable?

Absolutely, the only problem I have (which I don’t believe is caused by the ROM) is that music will start skipping to different points in the song and randomly change songs & stop. It’s extremely annoying and only a reboot will fix it. But I never had this problem before I installed the “doubleTwist” music app.

How did you Root & ROM it?

Well I took it out for a coffee & a movie It’s quite simple if you can read instructions & have some spare time on your hands.
The instructions for rooting are here: HTC Desire rooting guide – r5 (Make sure you read EVERYTHING, don’t download the wrong files)

Well, with that week & review over, I’m going to go crazy flashing a heap of different ROMs (including Froyo!). Any questions, hit me up in the comments! :)

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