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UPDATE: The site has been locked down, funny timing hey? We still got our screenshot, Telstra. ;)

I received a tip off from one of our readers this morning, of a website he stumbled up on after tracking down what website they use to view the recipes on MasterChef using the T-Boxes (I kid you not). Now on this website, it also has a device testing area with different images to view and a whole heap of timers, ra ra ra.

Hit the break to see the screenshot.

But the bit I found really interesting:

“HTC Buzz A3335” That model number is no where to be seen on any other device, so it’s specifically made for Telstra, obviously for the 850/2100MHz bands and custom backplate showing ‘NextG’ maybe.

It also has “Sony Ericsson U20a” which is the X10 Mini Pro that was confirmed not an hour ago.

I don’t want to give out the website URL as I don’t want Telstra to find out we have it and possibly remove it, it’s a top source we can use in the future.

Source(s): Telstra
  • http://www.chaosdivine.net ChaosDave

    hope someone brings out the aria, looks a lot faster

  • http://www.chaosdivine.net ChaosDave

    scratch that i just found this article..


    • http://ausdroid.net/ Buzz Moody

      Evidently not, good article :D

  • http://www.chaosdivine.net ChaosDave

    Is the wildfire the same as the aria?

    • ilzy

      the Wildfire is an entry-level Android handset, lower specs than the Aria in general, whereas the Aria is of mid-range quality, not recommended for real power users unlike the HTC Desire/HD2 etc.

      I’d personally get this for a backup Android handset due to this, but otherwise, a decent handset for a casual user.

  • Android is great

    Hope they price it at 10$ per month for free, I can imagine it being a hit with teens

  • TechHead

    Telstra – Introducing the new HTC Buzz. This phone is root enabled and ready for any rom you want to try on it.

  • Harvz

    there is no doubt in my mind, they are making you a phone buzz.

    • http://ausdroid.net/ Buzz Moody

      I’m hoping I get royalties.