Thursday , June 29 2017

Vodafone sold out of the Nexus One – Gone forever?

We’ve just been informed that Vodafone have sold out of the Google Nexus One. If it previous reports of Voda only having 1,000 are correct, they may be gone for good.

We’ve reached out to Vodafone for official word on the matter. It’ll be a shame if they’re gone already, but if it’s still up on their website (see source link) they might be getting a few more in.

Source: Vodafone Store.

Buzz Moody  

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Valued Guest

STILL waiting for Google to fulfill their promise of selling the Nexus One online to developers. Oh well.

Valued Guest

Google has officially stopped selling the Nexus One so don’t expect Vodafone to get much more stock or accessories.

Valued Guest

well they should get something decent to replace it like the droid incredable

Valued Guest

Let’s hope they get accessories in too, if they don’t I’ll be annoyed


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