It appears Motorola have updated their Android Update Schedule, and as usual with Motorola, bad news. The Moto DEXT, Quench & Backflip will never (read it: never) be updated past Android 1.5 as Motorola says:

Will remain on Android 1.5 for the best combined hardware and software experience

So if you’re an early adopter of these devices that helped bring Motorola back into the mobile market, they’ve returned the favor by stabbing you repeatedly in the back. Well done, Motorola.

Thanks to our reader, Dave, for pointing this out.

Source(s): Motorola Software Updates
  • Axua
  • D

    just wait for the atrix to come out, should sort it all

    • Buzz Moody


  • Bah Humbug

    Got the wife a Quench. It has problems and the Optus guy said “New Android on Nov 1″. He lied obviously. This is the second and last Motorola I will buy. The first one was a Windoze not so smart phone. Neither a good PDA or a good phone.

  • iFX

    By the way, if anyone has any kind of hack to upgrade Android to something newer than 1.5 on the backflip, submit a link here ;)

    Will try anything since it’s already as useful as a doorstop now anyway.

  • iFX

    Well… my wife got a backflip a few months back with the promise of a 2.1 upgrade – She was a loooong time motorola fan.

    Absolutely HATE motorola now – worst phone ever, nothing but glitches all day, every day… and now with no fix in sight, it’s as good as bricked already.

    Will never buy another motorola product ever again! Specially anything with motoblah on it.

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  • Justin

    and there goes Motorola from Optus online shop… none to be seen

    • Buzz Moody

      And nothing of value was lost

  • Justin

    and this is why Android is not so open. Just a little bit pissy about this.

    Anyone know if there is a ROM available?

    • Angus

      There is, but you’ll most likely lose 3G connectivity by rooting.

      I had a DEXT (well I still have it) but early upgraded to the Galaxy S a few months back because the touchscreen on the DEXT was busted and Motorola wouldn’t admit that it was a flaw (happened on 3 different replacements DEXTs).

      Seriously, fuck Motorola. Android is open, Motorola are just bastardising the platform. They should be kicked out of the Open handset Alliance.

      • Niall


        I sold my Milestone after Motorola started deleting threads from their forums asking why we had a locked boot loader. Good luck Moto. You’re not getting my money again.

      • Justin

        why do you say most likely lose 3G? do you know of or have read of someone losing 3G from rooting? If so, can you point to the article that refers to this please? Just trying to cover all bases….

  • hooligan2009

    Well at least the U.S. version of the Backflip is testing 2.1… Sorry to the rest of you. But now maybe someone will develope some custom ROM to rock Moto and AT&T for their corporate greed.

  • Zathras

    As I said on phandroid, one of the reasons I got the DEXT when I had to get a phone, was the promise.of a upgrade.

    What puzzles me that the Clix is getting an upgrade in the states by the same chart?

    Any rumors of people producing a rom for the DEXT, let us know Ausdroid.

    • Niall

      Motorola doesn’t care about any other markets. They nerfed the Milestone while the Americans could mess around with the Droid.

  • jane

    Bye Bye Moto

  • Niall

    Motorola does it again.

  • Elza

    This sucks :(

  • ice2CU

    Love the tags you used on this one… Fail, Suck, Terrible. So far only Motorola is listed as having any articles under those tags :)

    Now I’m off to Google rooting Quench…

  • RogueX5

    @cg0191 – Oh yes, cause when I paid $35 to upgrade my iPod Touch to the 2.x software that was completely awesome of them.

  • cg0191

    Maybe we should publish on the net a hall of shane of cell phone companies that are most supportive of their existing customers down to least supportive. Motorola would have to be bottom of the list with Apple & HTC arguably at the top. Im on the fence about Samsung, they dont have a great track record but promisec to update their Galaxy S this month to 2.2 Lets see…

  • Skythe

    Motorola Scum! Guess i’ll have to hack my DEXT after all.

  • spoco2

    Oooh, that’s pretty average. I was close to getting a Quench on Optus’s $29 plan, as I figured ‘surely they’ll bring it up to at least 2.1′. Man, glad I didn’t… glad I didn’t.