Thursday , March 30 2017

Froyo for Galaxy S will come via Kies, not OTA — Available now-ish

It seems OTA updates are becoming a little less viable for updating high-end devices with massively sized Android updates. The next hit is the Samsung Galaxy S, which Optus confirmed today via their Twitter account, will receive the Android 2.2 update via Samsung Kies (their update software) and should be available now, if not very soon. So go on Galaxy S owners, hit up the Samsung’s website for Kies and check if there’s an update ready for you.

We’re guessing that the Galaxy S through other carriers will also be receiving their updates through Kies around about now as well.


Buzz Moody  

  • FOZ13

    Certainly good news. Obviously this is only good for the minority of optus customers that have been able to get Kies working. #OptusFAIL

  • Paul

    Awesome, now I actually have to look at getting Kies working…

  • ted

    few it is not only me that can’t get it to work…

  • TechHead


  • Granted, its shit – but its possible for everyone to get it working once you know the issues. These are the roadblocks i had to get around:

    1) Ensure external SD card is unmounted
    2) Ensure USB mode on the phone is Kies (or prompt and select Kies)
    3) Ensure USB debugging is disabled
    4) Ensure homescreen is TwLauncher (not Launcher Pro or others)
    5) Ensure Kies is latest version
    6) Ensure you are not a n00b
    7) Ensure Samsung drivers are installed (on the Kies installation CD)

    Then it WILL work, have had success on 3 devices now that couldnt connect before.

    • Mark

      Yep, it’s ridiculous. Also – ensure that you don’t have files on your phone with extensions longer than 16 characters. That fix got Kies working for me.

  • Uday

    Good news!! I have the latest kies and it is working. However, I just checked and the update is still not available. Will keep trying. If anyone gets the update, please let us know.

  • FOZ13

    downloaded the latest kies and she connects! Yay! Boo for no Froyo though.
    I expected to atleast see updates on the Samsung Mobile Australia Facebook page. But i guess its too much to ask from Samsung.

  • ft9

    Optus is a liar. From their twitter it says samsung has already rolled out froyo from yesterday

  • Frustrated

    I just did a factory reset and reinstalled kies twice thinking I was doing something wrong because the update wasn’t available to me. I should have known it was too good to be true. I don’t mind waiting but being told time and time again that ill get it only to be disappointed is getting frustrating.

  • Frustrated

    Just to be sure. What is the latest version if kies?

    • Uday

      latest version of kies is

  • Steve

    I had trouble with dotNET4.exe, downloaded kies UK version and that seemed to get past that problem then it stalled because media player was not up to date. When updated it installed ok.

  • Frustrated

    That’s a later version than is available on the australian website! Where do I get the latest kies please?

  • Evan

    Ok, updated Kies, got phone connected. Backed up all applications and personal data on my phone with MyBackup Pro. Launched Kies and…!

    Total anticlimax. No Froyo update.

    Perhaps this is just to get us all ready for the day that it does eventually come through. So we don’t have to bugger around getting Kies updated.

  • Et3rnal

    Hi guys, any news about the optus widget ? does it work now ?

  • Evan

    Can i just ask. Has anyone found the Froyo update through Kies yet?

    (..although chances are, if you’re reading through all these comments it means you haven’t)

  • Chiffa

    (You are God damn right, Evan…)

  • Yay for carriers not knowing anything about Android updates! Yay!

  • Frustrated

    Thanks jeremy and uday. This may be a silly question but if I’m getting the message that this device can’t be updated does that mean kies is working and I just have to wait for the update or do I still need the latest kies or some other work around?

    • Jeremy

      Trying to work that out myself at the moment actually 🙁
      I think it may just be that they aren’t rolling out the update to everyone at the same time.. im not sure. However I do know that I have the latest kies and drivers etc…. I’m hoping that if I wait a little longer the update will appear, but that may be me just being optimistic.

      • Uday

        Guys, the message I get is ‘the latest version is already installed on the connected device’. I am presuming Froyo is not yet available here in Australia. I have the SGS from Optus and it is not rooted.

    • Uday

      Guys, we just have to wait. Pity neither Samsung nor Optus have said anything specific about the Froyo updates for the SGS on their Australian websites.

  • Josh

    So how many people are sitting there checking for updates every 5 minutes? 😛

    I’ve been checking since there was a european release a few days ago… Apparently

    • steve

      It’s more like every 10 minutes for me so…. can you tell me when it’s ready?

  • Chiffa

    * Chiffa is clever, he is checking other guys checking updates 🙂
    ** Chiffa is stupid, he wastes so-o-o-ooo many time for nothing

  • Acceler8

    If your getting ‘This device can not be updated’, then you have flashed (or someone has) a version which is most likely a early leaked rom. If your getting ‘All ready running most current firmware’ or something to that effect, it’s because it’s not available yet…

  • invercom

    I was checking since last Friday but stopped when I read somewhere that contracted phones such as my Optus will not have froyo until late November.

    • Uday

      Hey invercom, where did you read that? From what I have heard, the update should be around anytime now.

  • MrSimtang

    The Kies version I have is 1.5.1_10083 and as far as I know, that’s the most updated version. The software detects my phone (Galaxy S on Virgin), but when I go to update firmware, it says “The latest version is already installed on connected device.”

    Kind of annoying waiting for Froyo. A friend of mine has the Google Nexus One and has had Froyo for ages. Then there were reports of 2.2 being released on Galaxy S around late September (23rd iirc) then it got pushed back to October.

    I’m seriously tempted to just root the phone.

    • Jeremy

      Exact same problem here, even also with virgin. Except instead of saying “The latest version is already installed on connected device” mine says “This device’s version cannot be updated”.
      It really does suck because i have not rooted my phone to add the lag fix as I assumed the 2.2 update would come out and solve this problem for me.

      • Opti

        The so called official JP6 Froyo update is certainly better in terms of speed (lag issues) compared to 2.1. But not as snappy as 2.1 with a Lag fix, so perhaps the lag issue is not resolved 100%, or maybe the sluggishness is due to something else.

  • I’m thinking Optus have no idea when the Update will become available and just said now to make it look like they have it.

    • TechHead

      Buzz, the kies link in your post seems to be kies for the samsung wave.

  • MrSimtang

    Ugh, scratch that, the Kies version I have is

  • thisis_wayne

    Just checked on Kies…still says I’m running the latest firmware. (2.1) Come on Optus!

  • Scrop

    I m still waiting. I don’t think we get it this week. Don’t keep the hope high guys.

  • Frustrated

    Acceler8. I upgraded to this verdion through kies when it came out so I can’t see why I’m getting that it can’t be updated instead of latest version. :/

    • Acceler8

      Very interesting. Where did you get your phone from? Directly from Optus? Second hand?

  • Jorge

    I’m been waiting for this update for so long I have rooted and and applied lagfix it stills doesn’t work as it should, If the update to froyo dont fix all of this problem I’m going back to iphone

  • Opti

    Froyo update is not officially available to Australia yet. However it is available to few Nordic countries through Kies. If you can’t wait for the official Optus update, and feel adventurous, then you can update by tricking Kies to detect your phone as a northern European model. This can be done by changing few values in the windows registry.

    Disclaimer : Unofficial firmware updating would most likely void your warranty.

    • Jorge

      I did that trick and Kies showed me the update to froyo, However I decided not proceed as I want the official one. If you check the optus twitter they said that samsung started yesterday to roll out the update in Australia, I just check and nothing in kies.

      • Opti

        I had the urge to update ever since 2.2 betas came out, but didn’t want to use Odin flash tool nor experiment with a beta. So when an official update came through Kies (even if its not meant for Australia) I couldn’t wait anymore ;). Anyways, IMO JP6 is a pretty good upgrade, having Flash is certainly cool, but more than that, getting Skype to finally work was a big break 😀 !!

  • ibbyGT-i900

    i called samsung and asked about then update the rep said that we will be informed about the update on google > news > sci/tech link below :

  • Amos

    This is stupid.

    Haven’t they heard about downloading over WiFi? Or the unlimited caps they have in other countries?

    They might say that it’s a risky and long process which could brick the phone if it runs out of battery during the download, so being connected to a USB cable could help prevent “accidents” to people who don’t follow simple instructions to have the phone connected to the charger, but still the Windows requirement is so last century.

  • kitters

    So… have people been able to update it yet?

  • AK

    I’m with three, and I no update found 🙁 using Kies

  • Frustrated

    I got it on the business plan straight from optus. I tried my wifes out of curiosity that I bought at the same time and it’s getting the right message so im not sure whats going on.
    I checked the registry and mine has a different product code to the wifes. Copy and pasting her code to my registry settings seems to work so now I cant get the update because it’s not there instead of my phone not being recognised as legitimate lol.

  • kitters

    And the current version of everyone’s firmware is as follows?
    PDA: JG4/ Phone: JG3/ CSC: JG2

    • Michelle

      I’m on the same version as you kitters and i’m on the vodafone network. I’m also getting the “this device’s version cannot be updated” message. Have also updated Kies which seemed to be no help either.

  • vi

    It’s all a lie. Optus are getting our hopes high.

    My firmware version is:
    PDA: JG4/ Phone: JG3/ CSC: JG1

  • MrSimtang

    Well, to be honest, that tweet didn’t state that the update is now available. All it says is that the update is large and Samsung have only made it available to download through Kies.

    *Continues to twiddle thumbs*

  • kitters

    Could not update as of 1:38 pm. FYI im with virgin, my kies version is, my current firmware version is PDA:JG4, PHONE: JG3, CSC:JG2.

    Please post up your attempts as well 🙂

  • kitters

    Also I should add that, like Michelle, i get the “this device’s version cannot be updated” message

  • TechHead

    Well, if they bother to read the comments in this thread, Optus will know that there are plenty of people ready and willing to have a go at updating their handset.

    So Mr Optus, if you’re out there, let’s keep the tweets crystal clear about when froyo is ACTUALLY ready for consumption.

  • Frustrated

    True Mr Simtang. I don’t mind waiting if it’s good. If I wasn’t getting it at all I would have issues because my decision to get this handset was swayed by getting the 2.2 update. I want the accelerometer calibration tool that comes with 2.2 unrooted.

  • Frustrated

    Techhead, I found that changing the product code in the registry while kies is running and the phone attached to GT-I9000HKAOPS makes it so I get the message the phone has the latest firmware instead of can’t be updated. Not sure why but I bought 2 handsets at the same time and upgraded the same but they now have 2 different product codes and the wifes phone works mine doesn’t unless I change the code.

  • Frustrated

    Kitters not Techhead sorry. Wrong person for my last post lol.

  • Optus User

    Just called Optus to know about the relaese date and they said it’s SAMSUNG to release the the update and NOT OPTUS.

    Tranferred my call to Samsung and they say that we are still testing the firmware for Australian networks and should be out soon.

  • kitters

    Frustrated, thanks for your post. Hopefully the different messages are all just the same. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the actual update is released… whenever that is…

  • Hi everyone, and apologies for not responding sooner.

    We did make the mistake of saying that the update through Kies was already available and we’re sorry to have got your hopes up like that. We got a little carried away amid all the FroYo excitement.

    In fact we received 2.2 from Samsung yesterday and we’re now in the process of testing it to make absolutely sure it’s ready for you guys.

    We are aiming to have the download available on Samsung’s Kies service from early-to-mid November. As soon as the testing is complete and the update is available we’ll put an announcement out through Twitter

    We’re working on making sure we keep our Android fans properly informed about OS updates, so again, apologies for the miscommunication.


    Online Community Manager – Optus

    • MrSimtang

      Early-to-mid November? You’re killing us bro…. 🙁

      But it’s all good. The only thing worse than waiting for Froyo is getting a buggy version of Froyo.

      So I’d rather the time be taken to get it tested/bug checked than get it today and be complaining becase it’s broken.

      Sucks we have to wait for early/mid-Nov, but so be it.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly it MrSimtang – we need to make sure there are no major bugs as that would make for a lousy experience for users.

    • Uday

      Hi Scott, many thanks for the information. Early to mid Nov eh. Well, we have to live with it but like MrSimtang says, hope it is totally bug free.

      Hey, why can’t you guys supply an OTA update rather than us depending on this painful Kies? I have a working version of Kies on my PC but it took me umpteen installations to get it working.

      Hope you guys at Optus do not load FroYo with bloatware 🙂 Cheers

    • Uday

      Hi Scott, there is a lot of info on the web that android 2.2 for the SGS I9000 is now officially available. Do you know when we Optus customers in Australia will get the update? Cheers

    • Uday

      Hi Scott, there is a lot of info on the web that android 2.2 for the SGS I9000 is now officially available. Do you know when we Optus customers in Australia will get the update? Cheers

  • Guys, instead of floundering about hoping and praying for an update, just refer to XDA, who due to the extremely active community can summarise the situation for you very efficiently. Keep an eye on the page ive linked below which summarises all the OFFICIAL Froyo SGS roms out there. As you can see, the update was released in 2 European countries, but has since been pulled due to issues they were having. I wouldnt expect to see this update until Halloween, as originally announced by Samsung, or even November.

    Edit: Even better, the info from Scott above confirms the November release, boo!

    Available ROMs –

  • Also, although Froyo runs significantly faster than STOCK Eclair, early reports indicate the underlying file system lag issue has not been fixed (Samsung you suck SOOO much for this) so it appears another lag hack is going to be necessary, which is extremely disappointing, as this was really the one chance we had for Samsung to fix it. Im hanging out for a customised Cyanogenmod even more to see the full potential of this device

    • MrSimtang

      Does the lag issue have to do with Touch Wiz? Because when I switched to Launcher Pro, I was amazed at how much faster the phone ran. It’s stock 2.1 Eclair, but it’s really zippy with Launcher Pro.

      Also, could you please post this lag hack? I’ll give it a shot.

  • Lakrisi

    I get this from Kies,

    Current Version : PDA:JH1/PHONE:JG3
    The latest version is already installed on connected device

    I’m with Vodafone

  • deteego

    Check the “One Click Lag Fix” app in the marketplace

  • invercom
  • steve

    Geez people un-brand your phone and get rid of all that carrier fluff, it only bogs the phone down. If you have a modicum of phone/computer technical knowledge then I’d advise it strongly because Kies is always going to suck and Samsung are always going blow so…. head over to Xda developers and read up on the forums for some great host file, registry, software manipulation to get your phone out of the never ending queue and into the one that takes 30 min.

    • Amos

      I wish, and I think I have enough technical background to get my head around what needs to be done. But I don’t have time to learn this and can’t afford to brick my phone for the little gain. I did eventually root 2.1 to get some things working (Foreign language fonts, ClockSync, backups) but I’m not in my 20’s and have lots of more important things to do than play with my mobile phone.

      • Paolo

        they will probably do it over the air after sometime

  • Willemrt

    I’m just waiting till the Cyanogen Mod gets finalised/ported to the SGX..although the proecess of flashing your phone isnt that hard.. actually.. no it’s quite convoluted.

  • Chris

    Man – Because of the details found here

    Saying that optus had released the update – while over sea’s doing my IT work I downloaded kies (Forgot my cd’s) which ended up costing shit loads at the hotel only to find out that it is not in fact released!
    0.10 cents a MB to get kies & drivers only to find out there wasn’t a update!

    Well done!

  • kc

    froyo is just out….only for unlocked SGS phones

  • Kies is updating finally so hopefully once it’s done I’ll try and update firmware.

  • kitters

    Upgraded Kies… still no upgrade on stock virgin phone 🙁

  • Xcalibur

    Dont use the OCLF – it sucks. The Voodoo lag fix is much better because it replaces the entire partition with ext4, rather than chewing up 1GB of space to create an ext2 buffer. The results of it are pretty impressive and there is an app on the market called Galaxy S Tweaker (GST) that does the job with ‘one click’ just like OCLF.

  • Optus tweeted this.

    “Hey there – that’s right, 2.2 is expected on the 15/11 however no news on 2.1 as yet. Cheers”

  • Disjointed

    Egress fri I

  • Well, it’s the 15th and optus have once again tweeted.
    “Hey Anthony – 2.2 for Galaxy S will be available from mid to late November. Cheers – Dave”

  • Uday

    Guys, great news!! Official Froyo update is available for Optus users via Kies from 29th Nov, 2010. I have updated and all looks good so far. If anyone else has updated, let us know your opinion. Cheers

  • Dury

    froyo 2.2 was officially out on the 30th nov, just yesterday.
    i personally updated my SGS to 2.2 until i noticed the kies program had just bricked my phone. now its undergoing inspection by the technical guys. if your updating take caution

  • xgypsyx

    Mine continually says that my device version cannot be updated. Wtf! So far, I’m hating the way my Galaxy runs. It’s slow, it freezes up and is very glitchy. I was hoping 2.2 might fix that.

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