Friday , April 28 2017

LG Optimus One coming to Optus and all its subsidiaries November 1st, other carriers later

There are a few people out there that want the LG Optimus One, and I can’t blame them, it appears to be a pretty good looking mid-range Android device that has a capacitive display. You’ll be even happier to know that, although it was delayed for a while there, it is coming to Optus and all subsidiaries (Virgin, Telechoice, Allphones, etc..) from November 1st on their $29 caps and will include a free Car Kit & Navigation Software as a Christmas gift from LG to you, naww how nice.

LG also stated that it will be coming to other carriers later on in November, no doubt it will e both VHA & Telstra seeing as though they both stocked the (terrible) LG Optimus. Although if it does hit Telstra, except it to be on a $49 cap at least 😉

Source: LG Mobile Aus.

Buzz Moody  

  • Xtreme

    i shouldve waited i bought the lg gt540 optimus at least that one has an capacitive scrren

  • spoco2

    I do hope that this isn’t a case of LG getting their dates wrong, (as it was them who said mid October in the first place) and also that they are right that Virgin is getting it at the same time as my wife and I are both waiting to get one of these. (Virgin have free calls and text between members, better data allowance and no voicemail charges compared to Optus which has nothing of the sort).

    I’ve even almost got used to the ugly row of buttons on the thing.

    Also, I’m amazed that me asking them on Facebook got any sort of actual date out of them 😛

  • joel it’s going on a cap…

    What I want to know is : Is it going to be available on prepaid as well or outright, and how much will the price be?

  • Dylan

    allphones will sell it outright. probably.

    • tomascivinod

      almost definitely. Can’t wait for their new catalogue!

      • [MuffinMan]

        Pretty keen for it to be outright… at the moment I’m trying to decide between this, the motorola xt5 and the huawei u8230. Any advice? I’m aiming for one that runs smoothly, makes calls clearly and won’t break down after a few months.

      • tomascivinod

        This! It is/will be cheaper at 349 rather than 400 for the xt5. Forget the huawei, it has really old 528mhz hardware that is painfully slow, I have a second hand touch diamond with it and it is really bad. If you want to buy one right now, wait, b/c xt5 has 2.1 rather than the optimus one’s 2.2 as well has having almost double the ram. In short, the optimus one is the very, superior phone and probs my new phone.

      • [MuffinMan]

        What’s the xt5 running in terms of a processor? And do we know if LG are more better in terms of phone lifespan and call quality than motorola? Although I agree that 2.2 is great, and I doubt the xt5 will ever get it.

      • tomascivinod

        The xt5 is running the same msm 7227 600mhz processor, i havn’t seen what they feel like in real life, just see what engadget has to say on the optimus t or optimus s, they are the same thing but they might have said what it is like on their hands on.

  • tomascivinod

    I have just seen my new phone! I promised myself, no more resistive screens, and this is my answer.

    • rezwan

      I’m gonna get this phone also. I was looking for a phone which is small enough that fits easily in my pocket and not too small screen that I have squint to read!! Although I’m on Virgin, I’m gonna wait till it comes out on VHA. Thnx Simon O’Connor for getting the news out

      • tomascivinod

        y bother with vha? virgin has by far the best value contracts!

      • rezwan

        Wife and most of the friends are on VHA because of the damn iphone 4 plan…as they are stuck for next 2 years …I thought it will be good idea to hop into the bandwagon.. Virgin/optus network is far better than 3..although I don’t get 3G on virgin in my apt(3 does!!)

  • ChaosDave

    whats LG’s update path look like?

    • tomascivinod

      2.2 is the end of the road, for gingerbread i think you need 1ghz.

      • joel

        apparently 1ghz is only “reccommended” for gingerbread, but we all know what that means…..

      • ChaosDave

        yeh i’m pretty sure Google crushed that rumor

      • tomascivinod

        Coool! I am pumped for gingerbread then!

    • 2.1 is go, beyond that we have no idea.

      • ChaosDave

        buzz i’m pretty sure it starts at 2.2

      • That’s what I meant 😛 my bad.

  • tomascivinod

    6 days to go!

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