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Desperate to get your hands on the latest technology HTC & Vodafone have to offer? Then it’s best you get your pre-orders in for the Desire HD now, as these beasts are going to have a waiting-list longer than the eye can see. Vodafone has placed the pre-order link up on their site or you can hit our source link to go and order it now. They promise to have it out to you within 2 weeks of your order being successfully approved.

If you’re not one to be stuck on a contract for 2 years and upfront costs aren’t an issue, MobiCity has plenty of stock arriving in the next week or so to fulfill all orders.

Also, if you’re getting the Desire HD, be sure to check out our walkthrough of

Source: Vodafone Store.
Companies: HTC, and Vodafone
Devices: Desire HD