Wednesday , March 29 2017

Android 2.1 for the LG Optimus is now available

Update: This is the last time I bash resistive screens, I think I’ve made my point clear though.

So, LG Optimus owners, are you still enjoying the pleasure that is your resistive screened Android device? If so, then good. If not, then well done you’ve finally realised that resistive screens are the worst thing to hit touch screen phones. But none the less, the good news here is that Android 2.1 is available for your devices and can be updated using LG’s Mobile Support Tool. Oh, and there’s a cool little guide to help you on your way.


Buzz Moody  

  • rightwingman

    I imagine you will have to wait for carriers to roll this out?
    If you bought your handset from any OZ carrier, you cant use it right>?

  • Duncan

    Was it really necessary to put a 1mb png image in this post when a 40k jpg would be just as effective?

  • Tom

    We get it, you don’t like the resistive screen.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

  • Lemon

    Has anyone done this? What USB driver do you select?

    • Lemon

      Never mind… something weird with my USB drivers setup.

  • chaosdave

    seriously let go of the resistive screen hatred its ruining your life. Its a cheap phone, they had to cut costs somewhere. Looks like lg are at least supporting their phones 🙂

    • Lemon

      I wouldn’t call this upgrade process “support” to be honest. The software is a pig, and the firmware download keeps stalling and connection gets reset. NOT much fun to be honest. Lucky this phone lives in a drawer.

  • Opti

    Seriously, stop bashing resistive screens so much! They have their pros too. Though not very sensitive, they are more precise and the ability to use any device or use it with gloves make it useful for some ppl.

  • Okay, okay I’ll stop the hating.

    • tomascivinod

      noooooooooo! I love this bashing, it is really neccessary when you have devices like the ideos that is cheap and capacitive and the galaxy tab which’s screen claims to be able to be used with anything. We do not need resistive screens, we can if they are like the one of the samsung omnia 2 or the samsung jet.

  • Jason

    I have done the update – they recently included all the Australian carriers (Optus, vodafone, generic) so you can just use the LG update program. They did remove some of the bloatware, but replaced it with alternative bloatware (e.g. ndrive – a GPS navigation program, but you need to pay $30 if you want a map!). They also included custom versions of facebook and twitter that will use these details in your contact list.

    Overall, I find that the phone runs quicker, it looks slicker, and lots more applications run than would before (and much less problems with crashing).

    I personally find the resistive screen perfectly fine.

    In my opinion, one of the great things about android is that it is available at many price points. I wanted an android phone but did not want to go on a $49 a month contract. I am not expecting the same experience as I would get on a more expensive phone. I got this phone on a $19 contract which is fine for my needs and sticks to my budget but still gives me the ability to run great android apps. I am still amazed that one can these days get a phone at this price packed with amazing sensors and the ability to use a huge range of software.

  • Tom


    That’s good to hear. I haven’t done the update yet but will do soon.

    Agreed on all points about the phone too. I got the Optimus because I wanted an entry level android phone, and I didn’t want to go on a plan. It is a fantastic phone for the money, and if you look around on the internet it actually performs really well in various phone benchmarks.

  • Tom

    Well, I *tried* to update it.

    I like the phone, but the LG software is a steaming pile of #&^$

    I’ve tried on four different computers

    I have a GT540 that I purchased from a Vodafone store. I unlocked it using the Vodafone website. Nothing has been modifed, I haven’t rooted the phone or anything like that. The LG Update program says my phone has firmware version V10A, but when I run the update it says there isn’t a newer version?!?!

  • Tom

    An update for everyone: I’ve spoken to LG and apparently Vodafone HAS NOT yet released their ‘version’ of 2.1

    ETA is next week sometime.

    Pretty frustrating- I’m not even with Vodafone!

  • Tom

    Finally a happy update- I was able to complete the update last night (so much for ‘next week’!).

    Very happy with the results. Phone feels very snappy (not that it was slow before)

    • Gary

      @Tom: Same problem – thinks it’s already got the latest. Got my phone just like you. How did you get it to install?

      • Tom


        I just kept trying. Initially, I was trying at work. No luck.
        Kept trying lat night at home. First couple of times I had the same issue, then eventually it just worked.

        The LG software is a joke- very unpolished and poorly localised. When it did actually work, the vast majority of the interface didn’t have writting at all- it was all question marks (a tell-tale sign of software trying to display Asian language characters, but not having access to them). This is despite the fact that only minutes prior it was all more or less in english.

        Some things I tried (not sure if it helped or not in the end):

        -Reinstall the device drivers
        -Change my DNS servers (change to the free google ones, or open dns)
        -Try in safe mode (doesn’t work)
        -Turn off phone, remove battery etc.

        In the end, I think you have to keep trying. At one point I was getting as far as the update program saying ‘Downloading data…’ but it would just time out after about 5 minutes (despite the server it is trying to access being accessible- verified via ping, tracert etc).

        The update is around 130MB- took about an hour on my shaped 256/64 connection. Once it has downloaded, you’ll see your phone go into emergency mode (blue screen with ’emergency mode’ in the centre). It restarts a couple of times, and then its all done. You have to re-enter pretty much all settings / options, and make sure you back up your apps via Astro or something similar.

        Hope that helps

  • Gary

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll keep trying 🙂

  • troy

    can any one help me with my phone, i got the phone cause i herd it was a good smart ph to start with but im having a bit of trouble understanding it and useing it. PLEASE HELP

    • G’day troy,

      What are you having troubles with?

  • troy

    iv never had a smart ph , i know how to use the ph basics . im just trying to understand it more so i can use it to its fullist,

  • troy

    thank u to buzz mood for getting back to me, iv had no luck from anyone yet, iv gone to so many shops for help but no luck.

    • If it came with a manual, take a read through it and it will have a guide on everything you can do with it.

      The best thing you can do is just play around with everything and slowly learn the ropes.

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