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So we’re just as curious as you guys all are about what plans they’re going to place the Galaxy Tab on to. We’ve heard nothing from VHA, Telstra or anyone else, but we did get some information from our Optus source who has been 100% spot on in the past. Our source says that new plans are going to be laid out for the Galaxy Tab, and possibly to be used for all future Tablets. These plans will include the $59.95 Data Cap Plus offer which will include 10GB to 20GB of internetz depending on what time you use the data. I can see the pesky on-peak and off-peak times becoming frustrating here, but I’m willing to see how it goes. This data inclusion is absolutely massive, and if they sell a large amount of Tablets like Samsung expects the Carriers to, then Optus’s network is certainly going to be pushed to and possibly beyond its limits.

Companies: Optus, and Samsung
Devices: Galaxy Tab