Tuesday , February 28 2017

Motorola Defy gets even more official, coming 30th November

Update: The Defy will be exclusive to Telstra for 3 months (ending 28th February 2011) and will cost $600 outright

As we mentioned in the previous post, the Motorola Defy launch event/press gathering is currently underway and official details are starting to trickle out. Aussie Tech Journalist, Roulla Yiacoumi has just tweeted the official launch price & date, and they are exactly as we were told. It will be available on Telstra’s $49 cap for $0 upfront and will launch on the 30th of November.

So, who’s interested?

Source: Roulla Yiacoumi.

Buzz Moody  

  • Ilzy

    Well I think my gf is interested in this after having lost her wildfire to water damage 😛

  • Gary W

    Call me when it ships with 2.2 🙂

    • Billy K

      are you Gary White.

  • tomascivinod

    Posted on whirlpool

  • There are only 2 things stopping me from purchasing this…. Motoblur and Telstra

    • Jason

      Motoblur = Yes
      Telstra = No. $49 month including 1Gb data. Not much around better. Telstra has changed a *lot* in teh last 12 months and now are so far more competitive

      • for that price on Virgin you get….

        2Gb of data
        unlimited free texts to ANY network
        $300 call credit
        FREE voicemail
        rollover credit
        Unlimited talk & text to other Virgin Mobile members 24/7

      • Cooper

        Let’s see you use 2GB of data on Virgin lol – it’d take more than a month 🙂

        Jokes aside – you do get a far better speed and coverage with Telstra

      • honestly i have never been on telstra as i wouldn’t be able to afford it so i can’t really compare. But i can say i have been on Voda and Optus, and Virgin’s speeds are no different.

      • tomascivinod

        there call rates are also more expensive!

      • skooter

        I’m with Jason – Telstra’s prices are becoming a lot more competitive and their network (especially in the country) is far, far superior to anyone elses.

        But then I love Motoblur, so who cares what I think right?

  • Jason

    When did February start having 30 days? 😉

    • skooter

      Next year. Didn’t you get the memo ;p

  • Ted

    I wonder how crack proof the screen is?

    • tomascivinod

      • Ted

        Thanks for that Tom not bad, althoug I wish they simulated a drop as that is ow they usually break

    • skooter

      You will be VERY pleasantly surprised.

  • David

    2.2 won’t be coming until 2nd quarter next year

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