Wednesday , March 29 2017

Android 2.2 for Galaxy S on Vodafone & Crazy John’s is ready for updating

If you’re one of the thousands who owns a Samsung Galaxy S from either Vodafone or Crazy John’s you’ll be happy to know that your Android 2.2 is waiting for you in Samsung’s updating software, Kies (download link). Android 2.2 will give you full flash support, some speed increases although there is lag known to still lurk around in places and version bump of 0.1 .

As far as we can tell Kies is PC only, so if you own a Mac.. well.. phone a friend? Let us know how you go in the comments 🙂

Source: Samsung Updates.

Buzz Moody  

  • Apophenian

    Strange, I got my galaxy from vodafone and have had froyo for at least a month!

  • NoThanks

    Yeah, this is a pretty delayed piece of information. Froyo came out for Vodafone when 3 released it.

  • Mike

    Yeah, the vodafone update has been available for weeks. What is going on with that company that their own official announcement about the firmware is weeks behind…..

  • Amos

    As others commented…
    But that aside, the Samsung site mentions something about a lite version of Kies for Mac.
    It still doesn’t help us linux guys.

  • Lakrisi

    Is this JP4(2.2) update that we received about a month ago or latest JPX (2.2.1)?

    • uppon2

      If it was latest it would say 2.2.1 in the description. Stick to xda forums 😀

  • Rod

    What about Telstra?

  • Smake

    What about the vibrant lol,i guess never on tmobile

  • Enrece

    I am with Crazy Johns and I still cant get the 2.2 through Kies? Anyone else having this problem or solutions? So far Vodafone and Crazy Johns have been useless for information 🙁

  • zn

    Enrece, i have a galaxy on crazy johns and received the update 3 weeks ago.make sure u have the latest version of kies

  • Phillip

    I have Galaxy S with 3 and I am still on 2.1! How do I get the update? I tried Kies, but that won’t work… keep getting errors?! Do I have to wait an hour on hold to speak to someone at 3?

    • Ad

      Phillip, I had the same problem. What worked was removing the version of Kies which came on disc with the SGS and downloading the version from Samsung’s website – it’s older.
      When you run Kies it should update itself to a newer version – still different from the one on disc – and when that’s finally done, plug in your phone and the firmware update should work this time round.
      nb – back everything up as for best performance you should hard reset your phone after updating.

  • Tom

    Does anyone know when it is likely to be released for users on the Telstra NextG network? This is very frustrating as people who are still on the Eclair 2.1 are missing out on the features that Froyo 2.2 provides.
    Yes I agree with the fact that manufacturers need carriers and that all updates should be provided in a timely matter.

    Come on Samsung & Telstra please hurry up!!

  • Have Samsung Galaxy  S GT – I9000 and with Crazy Johns.  I have updated to all the latest firmware 2.3.3 etc….been on the phone to Crazy Johns for a couple of hours.  Internet etc all fine.  I can email pictures.  No MMS whatsoever.  I have changed the APN’s to 5 or 6 different settings including yours, none of them work.    Does anyone have a solution to this ???  Is it the phone or is it Crazy Johns ??

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