Thursday , March 30 2017

HTC Aria heading to Virgin on Boxing Day

As always, our friends over at Techanist have come through with the goods, breaking the news that the HTC Aria will be on sale at Virgin Mobile from Boxing Day (26th for anyone completely oblivious). You won’t find it heavy discounted for the Boxing Day Sales, but you will be able to get your hands on one for $0 on the Easy Cap 39 which will give you $300 worth of calls & txts as well as 300MB of data to browse the interwebz for all those online savings after Christmas.

Source: Techanist.

Buzz Moody  

  • Brian

    That would explain why they bumped the price of the galaxy s up from 39 to 49 a month a few weeks ago. Wouldn’t make sense to have both at the same price

  • Dylan

    better off with a Legend.

  • Yup, free on a $29 Cap.

  • james

    I have a mate who has one these, very uninspired phone… Would recommend the legend or lg optimus one ahead of this!

  • Andy

    Still cant see this phone on virgin mobile’s website tho..
    Gone to Virgin Mobile shop today (Civic, Canberra)
    People there dont even know that HTC is coming to Virgin.. lol

    • ChaosDave

      Virgin have been useless at keeping the website up to date and staff informed. Seems little has changed, unfortunately they also have the best deals.

  • ChaosDave

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