Monday , May 1 2017

Dell shopping their 7″ Streak around to Aussie carriers, phones also on the list

With Dell making themselves more and more known in the mobile market, recently launching the 5″ Streak onto Optus’ network last year in an exclusive agreement. Now, there is talk of them shopping their new wares around to the carriers here in Oz. Hit the break to find out all the goss.

Dell held a press conference in Sydney yesterday,  announcing their expansion into the IT services market. Where a Dell spokesman, contacted after the press conference, said they were planning on launching mobile devices into Australia but at this stage had no timeframe.

We haven’t announced a launch date in Australia for Dell’s 7″ Streak tablet and are unable to speculate when it might be. At this time we are discussing it with the carriers. We have also said we plan to offer a range of mobility devices in Australia

I’m interested to see Dell offer more of their mobile products in Australia. Their Streak, although not massively popular, is still a nice piece of tech and very well built. Their Stage UI – I quite liked, it worked well and also looked good too. Let’s see some Dell smartphones and the Streak 7 come to Oz and see if they can mix it with the big boys in the mobile world.

Source: Delimiter.

Lucas Burnett  

  • vijay

    but i think the streak 7 is having 4g, which is not available for australia??????

    • Don’t get fooled by the term ‘4G’ when used in America. The ‘4G’ on the Dell Streak 7 is just HSPA+ which I believe all networks, if not Telstra, have.

  • vijay

    well i am happy with my dell streak running 2.2.
    wish it could be upgradeable to 3.0 honeycomb :p

  • I actually completely agree with your opinion. It’s so perfect. I think it’s necessary for me. Thank for help!

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