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Optus have taken an aggressive approach to the Android market in Australia, pretty much from day one. Today, I received a little bit of news about a Galaxy S and Tab being sold (together) for $79 a month. Now that’s not really anything massive, however, what you get with the deal is.

This deal is basically Optus’ standard $79 Cap, which comes with $900 of credit, 3GB of data and all your favourite social sites like Facebook and Twitter are free, a missing component is the unlimited TXT, however you just use the included $900 for your text. The real steal is that you get the Galaxy Tab with another 3GB of data as well. So all in all, you get a Galaxy S with $900 of credit and 3GB of data AND a Galaxy Tab with it’s own 3GB of data, all for $79 bucks a month.

This isn’t showing up on Optus’ site yet; however, we have confirmed this with stores. This deal is live and runs till the 31st of March.

Companies: Optus, and Samsung
Devices: Galaxy S, and Galaxy Tab