Wednesday , March 29 2017

Vodafone snare the HTC Desire Z, due mid March

Today was another feather in the cap of Vodafone, on way to rebuilding their brand, after what has been a horror run for the telco. After nabbing the Legend, Desire HD, Nexus S and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, wrapping them all up in exclusive agreements, Vodafone have now added the QWERTY slider – Desire Z to their stable. Mirroring a lot of what Optus did at the beginning of last year, with their all out assault on the Android landscape, bringing more high end Android handsets like the Desire Z and the Nexus S is just what the doctor ordered for Vodafone. Hit the break for a quick rundown.

Sporting a 800MHz processor, 5 mega pixel camera with flash, 720p HD video recording and a hardware slideout QWERTY keyboard, it adds a new factor to Android handsets in Australia. At the moment we only have a handful of devices in the hardware keyboard space. Having someone like HTC is a big plus. Due the middle of this month with pricing to come very soon. If you think you might be interested, hit up our review we did and see what we thought of it.

Source: Vodafone Blog.

Lucas Burnett  

  • Alex

    So…Vodafone partly blames their massive network problems on the rise of smartphones which they weren’t prepared for. Solution: get more smartphones?

    I am on Vodafone, live in a city centre, and it is hopeless. Data frequently (more than once a day) drops out for long periods (about half an hour).

  • Sam

    Bought the HTC Desire Z from Mobicity, outright and unlocked…. so glad I did. Works great with the Optus network.

    • jess

      how much? im tryna get mine outright but they’re ranging it from 400 to 700

    • jess

      how much? im tryna get mine outright but they’re ranging it from 400 to 700

  • Wolf

    It’s obviously a Voda handset…notice the lack of a 3G data connection symbol on the image 😛

    • Luth

      I lolled hard, if only voda put the same effort into their network that they do in securing new phones.

  • Grunger

    It’s a great phone – shame about the network reputation though

  • Brian

    Any news on the length of the exclusivity period? I’m hoping it’s not forever like the HD.

  • If the agreement is not forever, it should only be the standard 3 months, but knowing HTC and their agreements with carriers, I would say it’s forever.

  • Damnit, I really thought Telstra would want this baby..

  • damn i thought Virgin would get it, looks like i’m moving to Vodafone

  • Anonymous

    awesome, shame it’s a year late.

  • Been running around with mine since early Nov and it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever owned… Curious as to why Voda are releasing it 4 months on though!?

  • Jellyware

    will this be available on three?

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