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Are you psyched for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II? I sure know I am, I mean, this is going to be my next phone. Well this bad boy just became available through MobiCity for the somewhat reasonable price of $899 for the 16GB variant, which is around about the same price as importing from the UK, but you also get local warranty. Though we understand this is a metric sh*t-tonne of money to be handing out for a device that isn’t yet available, so we’ll be reviewing it as soon as possible so you guys know whether to jump on board or not. Preliminary signs are looking good for the Galaxy S II, but we’ll never truly know until we try it for ourselves. Hold tight :)

We’re just wondering.. What phones are you most looking forward to us reviewing? We’ve got a fair few lined up.

Source: MobiCity - Galaxy S II.
Companies: Samsung
Devices: Galaxy S II