Thursday , March 30 2017

Vodafone Nexus S pricing released

A few weeks ago we thought we had Vodafone’s Nexus S pricing – turns out we weren’t quite on the money.

However, we now have Vodafone’s official announcement – the Samsung Nexus S will be available for pre-order from this Friday at 9am online only.

The Nexus S will be available on both Vodafone’s Infinite and Cap plans, as set out in the table below:

Of course, if the thought of paying for a Nexus S doesn’t appeal to you, you can get one for free – just win our Vodafone Nexus S competition! 🙂

Check out the pricing announcement on Vodafone’s blog if you’re keen – hit up the source link below.

Source: Vodafone Australia.

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • Adrian

    For those who are stuck on Telstra.. Good news the 850 mzh 3G Nexus s.. Lets hope it is unlocked and easy to import.

    Those Vodaphone Plans look like great value..

  • Sean

    Whoop, whoop…just got a free early upgrade, phone is on the way. Make sure you ask about other plan options as they can do it on just about any plan and in many cases the standard cap plans still work out better than the infinite plans 🙂

  • van

    will the phone be free from vodafone bloatware? Im thinking of upgrading, however will i still be getting os updates as that of unbranded version? or will it be dependent to vodafone?

    • Fairly sure it won’t have bloatware on it – it’s a google experience handset so it’s likely to be vanilla Android 2.3. Failing that, you can just unlock the bootloader and load your own rom on it anyway, or root it and remove any bloatware.

      • Anonymous

        Man if I get a Nexus S, I’d put CM7 on it within 10 minutes of opening the packaging. I put CM7 on my girlfriend’s Desire and man it flies!

  • Michael Hadianto

    got email from Voda for upgrade to nexus S, I took the offer and said the phone will be delivered in next 5 business day. I opt for white one

  • This is the same as their ‘leaked’ pricing! Which they said wasn’t correct…

  • DonIsGood

    $45 plan + $35 phone per month for a phone that (reportedly) reboots itself all the time and is practically a Galaxy S clone? Seriously? I’d rather get a Galaxy S instead.

    For this kind of pricing, we expect a dual core phone, not 1GHz

    • Marc

      No, that problem has been fixed with 2.3.3 and I can confirm that it does not reboot during phone calls.

    • cj

      Guys I’ve had the galaxy s……it was buggy and the GPS never worked properly. THE NEXUS S fixes all of those bugs – and the stock Google gingerbread is superior to the woeful toucheiz

  • ridiculous, considering you are buying virtually the exact same hardware as the galaxy S, but with less software….

    • Sometimes less software is best software.

      • I agree, but still why should we have to pay more for it?

  • Sean

    Talk about a Vodawin….Nexus S was delivered first thing this morning after ordering it yesterday morning 🙂 Change over was seamless and great looking phone.

    • Michael Hadianto

      ah… still waiting for mine, ordered yesterday morning also…

  • Is this exclusive to Vodafone or is Telstra or Optus also coming out with an offer. Can’t see either of them being any cheaper though.

    • Vodafone have the global exclusive on this baby.

  • Crazy John’s has this for $0 on a $59 cap – compare to Vodafone $5 on a $59 cap…

    • Sorry Voda has $5 on a $69!

  • Naz

    Just got mine today. i did have the ‘exclusive’ email but didnt need it. went to store, said i wanted it (in white) and walked out in 15mins. got hte $29 cap on $35hrp on 1 year. now to give my nexus one to a good home…

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