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LG have been trying hard but it seems to all be in vain. I have received information, from a number of different sources, and they are all saying the same thing: the Optimus 2X is looking like it’s not going to be picked up by any Australian carriers and will go it alone via retail channels only. What does this all mean you say? Hit the break and find out.

In short, the handset won’t be available subsidised on plans from any of the major carriers and will only be available outright from retail stores or online. Of course, this is yet to be officially confirmed by LG, however we have contacted them for comment and they did say they were still in negotiations with carriers, and until that’s 100% finished, they can’t shed any more light on the subject. Fingers crossed something can be worked out; however, at this stage, it is likely that no deal will be struck.

This is a big blow to LG and in my opinion, a blow to the Android community as a whole. What was the catalyst? Was it price? Did it not fit into their range somewhere? Did it fail carrier testing? Was it the Optimus 3D that pushed it to the scrap pile?

We may never know. All in all, if it’s confirmed, it’s just sad.

Companies: LG, Optus, and Telstra