Tuesday , January 17 2017

Ausdroid Podcast 001 – Is That A Train I Hear? – 08/03/2011

Welcome to the inaugural Ausdroid Podcast. Our first edition certainly didn’t go off with out it’s fair share if issues. Buzz sounded like a robot and as a result just moderated the chat room, we got dumped from Skype a few times and to top it all off, the recording software decided to only record the last hour. With all these issues experienced during the first podcast, our subsequent ones should be as awesome as lightning.

Hit the break for the goods.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Buzz Moody, Geoff Fieldew and Matthew Booth


  • Desire and Galaxy branding
  • #Fastball – Optimus Me, Optimus 2X not coming to a carrier near you, SAAB IQon
  • Android tablets vs Apple tablets
  • The Ausdroid Store
  • …and a whole heap of rambling
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    Lucas Burnett  

    • Luke

      I tried searching for “Ausdroid” on Google Listen but haven’t found it.

      • you might have to add the subscription manually till we work that out.

    • talking about data allowances wanna see something funny.. Crazy Johns are selling the desire Z with a usb 3G dongle for $79 a month????? why when you can use the phone???


    • I think aac would be a great format to have here too. Better than mp3 and more itunes friendly.

      • itunes..? youre aware that youre on an android website, right?

        • Zippoparis

          Here-here. I’ve delete, burned and buried that draconian piece of s%|t!
          Why is an Android site supporting such filth?!

      • I’m sure Lucas is looking at ways to better suit inferior platforms.

      • We will be doing a aac version as it’s a better format, we have submitted the podcast to iTunes, once up you will be able to subscribe directly within iTunes.

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