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With the Google Nexus S available for purchase online from both Vodafone & Crazy John’s, the price war between these two friendly companies begins. Chances are you haven’t yet looked in great detail at what each plan from these companies comes with, so we’ve done it for you, so you can choose which plan suits you. If you’re not currently aware, Crazy John’s uses the Vodafone network, so keep that in mind also. We’ve compared a cap from both Voda & CJ’s that they recommend you sign up to. Hit the break to see our comparison.

The plans we’re comparing..

Vodafone: $65 Infinite Cap (+$5/mo Mobile Repayment)
Crazy John’s: $59 Crazy Cap (No Mobile Repayment)

  Vodafone (Infinite Cap) Crazy John’s (Crazy Cap)
Cost Per Month $70 $59
Total Cost (24mths) $1,680 $1,416
Cap Credit $65 $750
Data 2GB ($0.25/MB thereafter) 2GB ($0.50/MB thereafter)
SMS Unlimited (global) Unlimited (national)
MMS Unlimited (global) $0.50
Calls Unlimited (national) $0.90/min (+$0.30 flagfall — free to VHA & CJ’s)
Video Calls Unlimited (national) $1/min
Voicemail $0.50/min (+$0.35 flagfall) $0.90/min (+$0.30 flagfall)
Other Free access to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Foursquare  
Link Vodafone – Nexus S Crazy John’s – Nexus S

We’ve highlighted in green what we believe is the better deal out of the two in each area, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. Compare your current usage to the plans above to see which suits you better.

Remember: Some costs are only applied once cap credit has run out.

Companies: Google, Samsung, and Vodafone
Devices: Nexus S