Thursday , March 30 2017

Exclusive: Aussie Android roadmap leaked – Xperia Play, Optimus 2X, Galaxy S II coming

Well , well, well, what do we have here? A roadmap of sorts? Yes indeedy we do. The roadmap appears to have been leaked from Brightpoint, who is one of the largest suppliers of telecommunication hardware here in Australia and around the world. They are also the supplier for all VHA stock in Australia, but enough of that, let’s get into it. The roadmap shows upcoming devices (along with RRP) from LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Huawei and Alcatel, and runs from March to July, which is basically the whole of Q2. Hit the break for the juice.

Starting in March, we have nothing new, the LG Optimus One (RRP: $399) and the Samsung Galaxy S (RRP: $549). April is where things start to get exciting. Starting at the lower end of the price scale, we get an introduction to the Alcatel OT980 (RRP: $249), which is a relatively old handset, running Android 2.1 in a sliding portrait QWERTY form-factor, the Huawei U8500 (RRP: $249), another 2.1 packing handset, this time with full touch, rounding out the lower end is the LG Optimus Me (RRP: $249), which we alluding to being a cheap lower end/pre-paid handset.


Next up in the mid range, is the Samsung Galaxy Fit (RRP: $349) and LG Optimus 2X (RRP: $599). The Galaxy Fit is a 3.3″ full touch, running 2.2 with a 600MHz CPU. The Optimus 2X being listed helps cement the news that it is headed to Australia, and maybe on Telstra.

May will see the arrival of the Motorola Defy (RRP: $549), we’re guessing to another carrier other than Telstra and Optus (VHA?), the Alcatel OT990 (RRP: $249) which is a full touch, mid-range device that runs Android 2.2 has a 3.5″ display and powered by a 600MHz CPU, and of course the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (RRP: $849) which we already know is headed to Vodafone & Optus.

June is the month for high-powered fun in the Android smartphone market. The roadmap shows both the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (RRP: $949) and Samsung Galaxy S II (RRP: $899) being launched during the month and we’re going to guess they’ll both launch on multiple carriers.

Last, but not least, July will bring 2 more low-end devices to the market; the Alcatel OT908 (RRP: $99) and OT910 (RRP: $229) which are both full touch devices running Android 2.2 and powered by 600MHz CPUs. It’s highly likely that each of these Alcatel devices will headed to prepaid rather than contracts.


Lucas Burnett  

  • ace

    that sucks..cant feel the SGS 2 before May 🙁

  • Alcatel make Androids??? o_O

    funny, I’ve only ever seen them make dumb phones…. not so much smartphones…… intriguing….. oddly!

    • Alcatel Mobile Oz

      Alcatel will surprise you with many “great value” Androids. Your comments show how ignorant you are of Android. I challenge you to find an Android 2.2, with 5 Mpxl, capacitive touch Android phone with a form factor almost identical to an iPhone for an RRP of less than $229.00 !!! If you do we will buy it of you.

      By the way, during Q4 2010 Alcatel was the 2nd fastest growing mobile company in the world behind only to Apple! So who is dumb???

      • Interesting……

        I think you misinterpreted his use of the word “dumb phones”.
        The word is merely another word for feature phones, not your phones specifically.

        • that would be correct, surprised Alcatel didn’t connect the 2, even though they were so blatantly used in the same sentence.

          Alcatel… don’t be so offended, I’m merely stating the fact that this seems a first for your company in the smartphone market…. intriguing…. worth a look and good luck!

    • Alcatel Mobile Oz

      Our apologies for misinterpreting the term “dumb” phones. Thanks for your good wishes. We are back in the market with our new owners & looking to bring good value Androids to the masses at very affordable prices.

      • We would love to have a chat with Alcatel about reviewing some of their handsets. Do you have any contacts details you can email me and we can have a chat?

  • Cameron

    I’m excited by the prospect of the Optimus 2x costing $599. Less excited by it’s release in April, and being on Telstra. Just got to hope there’s a 900Mhz version as well.

    • mike

      The LG Optimus 2x is 900 and 1200Mhz… i hope with comes out here with 850Mhz since telstra use 850 and vodafone is now upgrading their network to be 850 too…

      • mike

        Correction it comes in 900 and 2100Mhz (typo above)

  • Cameron

    I’m excited by the prospect of the Optimus 2x costing $599. Less excited by it’s release in April, and being on Telstra. Just got to hope there’s a 900Mhz version as well.

  • Den

    Can’t wait for the Arc. I don’t care if it’s outdated, it looks good and it’ll be just what I need

    • Van

      A guy from vodafone said that the xperia arc will be coming late march/ early april…. probably as of the same price range as the newly released nexus s.

  • Jeniskunk

    What’s noteworthy about that Vodafail chart is how many old/slow Android phones they are slated to launch.

  • unfnknblvbl

    aaaand Aussies are getting ripped off again. Not only with prices but delayed launches. Sigh!

  • Anonymous

    so sick of being ripped off, our dollar is stronger than the american yet we still pay almost 40% more for every single product

    • MrSimtang

      That’s only because our economy is strong(er) right now and the US (and the rest of the world) took a big hit with the GFC.

      Manufacturers aren’t going to adjust the prices willy-nilly just because the exchange rate changes. If they were to do that, prices on products would change every minute. It’s an economic term called sticky pricing where variables are resistant to change.

      It’s not rational to adjust the price just because the dollar happens to be strong for a small period of time. In that same sense, when our dollar tanks and is equivalent to 50c US, we’re not going to be charged ludicrous prices for products. A TV won’t go from $1000 to $2000, cars won’t suddenly double in price etc etc.

      It really is a terrible argument to look at the exchange rate and just cry that we’re getting ripped off. Though it is funny how no one says a word when the AU dollar is weak and claim that we should be paying more for products.

      • SGSII

        No. It is not the exchange rate or that our economy is stronger.
        Prices gets adjusted all the time for exchange rate. Being in Australia is not an exception.
        Our economy is not strong at this stage. Rather it is the US that are weak. Similar to the eexchange rate, AUD is not strong, it is the USD that are weak. And it is the US that is keeping is weak so that they can attract foreign money (i.e. you buying stuff in the US via online shop) – they did this by printing money!

        So what. Why do we see these high prices in Aust and we do not get the benfits of cheaper prices? Our economy and AUD$ is the same (not weak as the US economy and USD$). We have a massive middle class in Aus and pay people well (we have the most expensive houses in the world as an example) and need to maintain the standard – and keep prices high to pay salaries. I would say we are being ripped off. Buy from the US as this is better for your pocket and will make Aust more realistic.

  • Does anyone think that the 480×800 resolution on the Galaxy S2 is lacking? I’m just getting cold feet with all these other qHD screened-phones coming out :S

    I enjoy all that res on my Galaxy S but…

    • I think it could have been better. But I know that increases the pixel count on the Super AMOLED + display would have driven up the costs of the device substantially and I don’t think Samsung are in the position to do that seeing as though they’ve admitted to being worried about Apple’s low prices.

      If the news that the 32GB version of Galaxy S II has been cancelled is true, it concretes their worries about competition.

  • sweet i’m thinkin the optimus x2 might be a winner

  • Ddd

    How trust worthy is ur supposed “leaked roadmap” because Xperia play should not be the same price or more expensive than dual core Phones!! As well SE is putting in alot of money to sell this in the effort of not making the next n-gage disaster!! This table sounds pretty much BS or photoshoped!! prove me wrong about this source!! btw it’s cheaper to buy from america than here!!

  • Jeniskunk

    I just decided to have another look at the prices.
    Wonder what Vodafail will be adding to the Optimus One to make it worth $50 more than Optus, $70 more than Allphones, and $120 more than Crazy John’s.

  • [MuffinMan]

    Where is the xperia pro? That is a phone I would like to have. Meh I suppose clove will probably be the cheapest option anyway.

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