Thursday , March 30 2017

LG Optimus 2X now shipping for $799, dual-core & 1080p bliss awaits

The time has finally come, the beast that is the LG Optimus 2X is now shipping from our friends over at MobiCity for a meaty $799. Powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2, the Optimus 2X is the first of the new Android smartphones to launch with 1080p video recording, which we’ve seen demoed a few times before. The Optimus 2X will no doubt feel the pressure from the upcoming Galaxy S II, though the 2X is $100 cheaper than the SGSII and, as we’ve read, is far easier to root. The device will also be upgraded to Android 2.3 in the near future and is more than capable of running future releases of the Android OS. Lucas will be reviewing the Optimus 2X in the next week or so, which I for one am looking forward to reading. So how about it? Does the Optimus 2X do it for you or will you wait it out a little longer?

Source: MobiCity - LG Optimus 2X.

Buzz Moody  

  • Nathsgames

    Desire HD for sale!!

    • After having a play with the LG 2x my thoughts are the same. Hoping a local telco picks it up otherwise ill have to import it !

  • Nathsgames

    $679 on ebay with a 16GB card and overnight delivery, the buy it now button is glowing at me!!

  • Tom

    HTC evo 3d me thinks…!

    • Anonymous

      Never gonna come here, Tom. That’s for Sprint like the EVO which = CDMA.

      We might get a similar but not as awesome device sometime towards the end of 2011 or next year maybe.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna wait for the S2. Larger ~4.3″ Gorilla Glass SAMOLED+, Exynos CPU, 8MP Samsung quality camera. Just a month away? I’d wait.

  • Cameron

    Hrmmm $799 seems a little overpriced for what they’re currently going for on eBay. Might wait a week or 2 and see what happens when other local sellers get some stock.

  • Cooper

    It’s got gorilla glass too 🙂

    • The screen form is really nice. It’s rounded slightly at the corner. Feels fantastic.

  • I don’t think the LG Optimus 2x will suffer from the GSII. It has a whole month advantage on the GSII.

    I’m travelling to the US next month, so I’ll be purchasing the LG G2x which is the Optimus 2x with vanilla android released by T-Mobile 🙂

    • Jeniskunk

      Why the hell can’t a telco here do same and release a high end Android phone with vanilla Android.

      • Dude – Nexus S?

        • Yo – single core does not = high end any more.

  • Cg0191

    My Samsung Galaxy S has been back to Fonebiz FIVE times in 7 months. My previous LG handset is 3 years old & still in perfect working order.
    I’ll be going back to LG thanks..

    • Samsung Galaxy S has major issues, I even have a custom ROM on my Wife’s with EXT4 filing system plus some OCLF stuff and it still lags it’s arse off soooo badly, blackouts, resets, you name it, such a shame.

  • Cameron

    These are still international units though correct? LG Australia hasn’t started selling these locally yet have they?

  • As much as I really want to buy this, the 512MB ram worries me… my DHD has 768 and I often have to kill apps to save RAM even with that much available! BUT the 2X is meant to be super easy to root n ROM so who knows! 🙂

    • Remember that the 2X has a dual core processor. I’ve used one for a bit. I don’t think I noticed any lag at all. Hitting Home out of a heavy duty app goes back to the homescreen basically instantly.

  • We should have this on some plans in the next week me thinks

    • Late April I reckon. Remember this is import stock. A carrier needs proper landed stock.

  • petros

    Any news on the SGS II release?

  • petros

    Any news on the SGS II release?

  • whats going on with this phone. It was on he allphones website for a couple of weeks listed as coming soon but now its nowhere to be seen!

  • Cameron

    Man, when the hell is this phone actually going to be released in Australia. LG, what the hell is going on?????

    • think it has been cancelled and now we will only see the optimus black

  • Nathsgames

    I love my 1.2Ghz overclocked Optimus 2x. 3660 on Quadrant with everything running. LG have done a brilliant job with this phone.

  • Keeleyg

    I have got one of these phones from Malaysia this week and it is awesome – half the price of an iPhone 4 and simply blows it away with features and performance.

    However, word of warning – Optus can’t give me the config and APN settings to get it working on their network here – works fine on the Singtel network in Malaysia though. I have tried the settings posted on this site and they don’t work either – any good ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Keeleyg

    Any one using one of these on Optus and actually got the internet working??? Got calls and SMS, but no internet 🙁

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