Saturday , April 29 2017

Xperia Arc appears on Optus Business website, expected to go live tomorrow

We’ve just been received a tip stating that Optus Business have launched a webpage for the Xperia Arc, and lo’ and behold there it is. The page is expected to go public tomorrow according to the tip. The site reaffirms the $0 upfront cost on their $79 cap for both average consumers and businesses, with the addition of a $59 cap with $5/mo repayments that includes 2GB of internetz, unlimited voicemail & texts as well as unlimited access to social procrastination sites. Now isn’t that a win. This news and the news of Xperia Arc dummies hitting stores, we just might see a release date in the next day or two.

Source: Optus Business | Xperia Arc.

Buzz Moody  

  • Nice price. Surprising tbh. Have already recommended it to one mate.

    • If DHL don’t suck, I’ll be getting one tomorrow. Pretty excited 😀

  • Does anyone know if there is a 49 cap price? Otherwise I’ll just have to wait for Virgin to release it.

    • Not too sure, we’ll find out soon.

      I would suspect if there is a $49 plan it will have a $10/mo+ repayment lopped on top.

  • Grunger

    Xperia Arc on a business plan?? Isn’t it more of a gaming phone??

    • I think you’re talking about the Xperia Play, otherwise this is more of high-end current gen Android handset

      • Grunger

        Oh yeah, thanks for clearing that up. I’m getting the phones mixed up. lol.

  • Launched @ Telechoice today at $739 outright & unlocked below:

  • Hey guys I sent you the news a couple of days ago that it will be launching on Virgins $49 easycap plus $5 repayments but still its not up?

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