Thursday , April 27 2017

Android 2.2 available for Galaxy S from Telstra – Have you updated yet?

It may have taken them a few months longer than the other carriers to push out the Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Galaxy S, but finally Telstra have pushed out the Froyo goodness to its own Galaxy S customers, much to their delight. If you are one of those delighted customers, who haven’t yet rooted + rom’d your device out of pure desperation to get to 2.2, you may have already updated your device to 2.2, though if you haven’t you’ll have to download Samsung Kies and hope for the best.


Buzz Moody  

  • Interesting……

    A little late Telstra……

  • 2.2 broke all ActiveSync email accounts

  • 2.2 broke all ActiveSync email accounts (2 x MS Exchange & 2 x GoogleApps).

    Hotmail and Windows Live ActiveSync still working.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations guys, welcome to November last year. Optus wasn’t the speediest but i assumed telstra had theirs a fair while ago.

  • You know, I’d love the update to 2.2 for the Galaxy 5 to turn up here sometime too… :/

  • Hold up, where’s my ‘Thanks to InsaneSniper’ for tweeting this update to you earlier today?! Hard to get appreciation these days… 😉

    • We received this from *A LOT* of people in the past day or two. I thought I’d just leave it to stop a fight between who’s the greatest Ausdroid reader.

      I think I’ve got an idea..

  • Fdgh

    only 2.2? wow, nothing to be proud of

  • Ridiculous, I rooted mine a month ago – there has been two updates since…

  • Opti

    Releasing 2.2 when there are two newer versions out already ??
    2.2.1 froyo (official in some countries, much better than most 2.2 ROMs)
    2.3.3 gingerbread (still unofficial, but the best ROM so far)

  • Anonymous

    P.s Optus is due to release 2.21 in a few weeks and Samsung is due to release and official 2.3 in a few weeks. Great work Telstra, now your customers have access to obsolete software.

  • Grunger

    My god this long for Telstra to release this update?? I’m glad that I’m not with them.

  • Gothioso

    Has anyone got this update yet i still dont see it on kies or anything?

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