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Ausdroid Podcast 003 – Sensational Sensation – 06/04/2011

Welcome to the Ausdroid Podcast, Episode 3, recorded, Wednesday 6th April. Buzz was finally with us this week, this meant we had a full cast and some great topics to cover and lots of laughs. We hope you enjoy it.
Hit the break for the goods.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Buzz Moody, Geoff Fieldew, Matty Booth and Scott Plowman


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Lucas Burnett  

  • Jeniskunk

    What happened?
    Last podcast MP3 was up on the site 3 days after it was live.
    This time 5 days

  • master1

    congrads good podcast i enjoyed it

  • kay

    I’ve only listened to the first two podcasts but won’t be back for me for a while. Might try again in a few months. I find the podcasts sometimes a bit rambling and unprofessional. Some of the topics being discussed are interesting. But the presentation needs work – creating a good podcast is more than just hitting the record button. Perhaps a bit more planning on the topics to be discussed and editing of the final podcast rather than just putting it out as is. For example, there is often unconnected banter and references to things that are occurring or have occurred “off screen”. Listening to that without context is like listening to some guys random mobile phone conversation.

  • Is the itunes store feed mp3 or aac?

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