Tuesday , April 25 2017

Motorola holding a launch event early May, XOOM & Atrix here we come

To further cement our revelations that the Motorola Atrix and Motorola XOOM are headed to Telstra, Motorola have recently sent us out an invite to a launch event in early May. How convenient, seeing as though our source told us the Atrix is meant to launch mid May and the XOOM late May. Having played with the Atrix, I can tell you it’s not really worth waiting out for, as for the XOOM, I’ll hold my judgement until I play with one next week.


Buzz Moody  

  • First? Lol

    Is it looking a gift horse in the mouth if you ask them about their promise of a bootloader solution for developers?

  • bumble bee

    If the atrix isn’t worth waiting around for, if i wanna be on telstra, what is worth waiting around for? When i upgrade in 2 months, what will be better than the atrix?

    • Reading Ausdroid’s Atrix review, they really, really liked it, and recommended buying it, so not so sure about the above comment…

  • So you really didn’t like the Atrix huh? Did you have the laptop dock?

  • Harry

    um i now booked a flight where is sydney cbd

  • Frank

    ‘Chris’ seemed to love the Atrix in his review….

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