Saturday , April 29 2017

HTC Incredible S is an Optus exclusive

HTC is finally coming back to Optus, in the high end of the range. Launching May 1, Optus will have the Incredible S at their disposal, in an exclusive agreement for 1 month. Official pricing has not been confirmed, however our sources tell us, $0 on either a $49 or $59 Cap. We have also heard from a number of tipsters that Virgin will also range the handset $0 on the $39 Easy Cap, now that’s a great deal. We do not know whether Virgin will have the handset at launch at this stage, but let’s hope so.

For the price the Incredible S packs a fair punch. 4″ LCD with a resolution of 480×800, 1GHz Single-Core Processor, 768MB RAM, 8MP camera with 720p HD video and 1.3MP camera up front and of course all the standard trimmings, MicroSD support, 3.5mm audio, GPS, Wi-Fi b/g/n all running under Android Gingerbread 2.3. What you don’t get, is HTC’s new Sense UI 3.0. That little gem has been saved for only it’s newest handsets. Like the lovely Pyramid….I mean…..Sensation. Are you looking forward to the Incredible S? Let us know.


Buzz Moody  

  • THANK F@#$%@#$% about time!!!!!

  • Aside from the Flyer, HTC’s entire MWC11 line-up was just blah. I don’t see why anyone would want this over the Pyramid (I refuse to acknowledge the sensational name :P) – except maybe pricing.

    • Alan

      Agree, other than pricing, it makes little sense to choose this over the sensational Sensation…

  • I do kinda hate exclusives in general, luckily it’s only a month.

  • Gennobf

    Told you 🙂

  • Alan

    is it confirmed that it will be launching with Gingerbread? I thought the Incredible S is meant to launch with Froyo with Gingerbread update down the track.

  • Not sure if i will get this or the LG optimus 2X, really depends on price!

  • Martykingma

    I just got flyer in the mail,
    Its $0 on the optus $49 Plan.

  • jdub

    hey, not really good with phones/computers and the lingo, but wanted to see if anyone could help me.. just updated my phone to android 4.0.4. and everything is fine untill i try to open my text messages and a box with a (please wait) starts doing it’s little loading thing. but will not go away and i am unable to read my texts. cheers

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