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Now that the last of the Android 2.2 updates for the Samsung Galaxy S have been pushed out to Telstra customers (who were the last to receive it), Samsung have uploaded the User Manual of the Galaxy S that’s suited for Android 2.3Gingerbread”. What does this mean? Well, inquisitive reader, this means that the Android 2.3 update for the Galaxy S is coming, not soon, but it’s coming. To put this into perspective, the original release date for the 2.2 update was September ’10 and the last update went out to Telstra customers about two weeks ago. So don’t expect this update, which has already been leaked, get you too excited because there’s a long wait ahead. Each of the carriers have been contacted, but to save you the time I imagine their responses will be “We’ll announce more when we hear it”.

Source: Samsung Support - Galaxy S i9000.
Companies: Optus, Samsung, Telstra, and Vodafone
Devices: Galaxy S