Thursday , April 27 2017

Optus reduces price of prepaid My Tab to $149, tablet competition heats up

It appears the Carriers and other retailers are really starting to get into the tablet price wars. A reader pointed out to us that the Optus My Tab has been lowered from $199 to $149 at most retailers (Big W & Dick Smith above) and even from Optus, even though their site still states $199. Why the sudden price drop? Well Telstra just lowered the price of the high-end 7″ Galaxy Tab to $299 and now Kogan has joined the budget Tablet fight with their own $189 tablet. Telstra are keeping their budget tablet, the T-Touch Tab, at $199 for the time being. It’s getting time to see the high-end 10″ tablets hit the market, so bring on the 10.1v pre-sale!

Source: Dick Smith.

Buzz Moody  

  • Paul Walker

    Now Optus can drop their Galaxy Tab to $249 and undercut Telstra.

    This is the one I want a SGT with 900MHz support.

    • Billyld

      me too. if they go 249 or even 299,i might pick one up to make fun.

  • i told ausdroid about this on the 6th or 7th -.- they only just post now it has been on since 15th

    • Xtreme

      the price dropped to $149 in the last few days….. i know this cause ive been lokking around for a tablet for bout a month now

      • yeh but optus stores and dealers knew teh price was goign to drop one week earlier;)

        • I mean that i told Ausdroid on the 6th or 7th that on the 15th the price will drop 3 days after the 15th they post it

  • Anonymous

    dont forget the ozzie millennius range which has been in the game for some time now.

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