Thursday , March 30 2017

Optus also testing Gingerbread for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

Last week, we reported on the news of Vodafone testing Gingerbread, on a number of handsets. Now Optus has joined in, saying the are currently testing Gingerbread (2.3) on The Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab.

We’re now testing the Gingerbread (2.3) software for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab. Keep an eye on our feed for updates.

With the Gingerbread packing Samsung Galaxy S 2, kinda on it’s way. We can only hope these updates, on both Vodafone and Optus, hit customers devices sooner rather then later.

Source: Optus.

Lucas Burnett  

  • Anyone dubious about this? Let’s face it the 2.2 update timing bore no relationship to the Optus twitter account. I’ll believe it when I start seeing updates on XDA like last time.

  • Coffeeb33n

    I hope the update for the galaxy s makes it to virgin.

  • Jim

    I should let them know it works fine… been testing it for weeks now. This release will Probably remove 99% of support calls for the phone.

    • borkbork

      Which version? I finally flashed mine to 2.2.1 (XWJS7) and it’s working good. I’m loathe to touch it again now, certainly wouldn’t let an Optus-cooked rom back on there…

  • aysean

    After upgrading to Gingerbread 2.3, my virginmobile Samsung Galaxy S’s internet settings no longer work properly. I am able to connect to Gmail and sync, but i’m unable to log onto my facebook or youtube. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Do not get what Optus is testing. The software works. Optus should come clean and admit that they are loading their crap on it and testing that! They are not tesing Android.My next phone will be a Google one. No longer have to wait for OEM and Network provider to add their crap. (Can understand whay the OEM needs to test it as Adroid needs modification by device, but what the hell is the Network provider testing – hint Nexus S already has Android 2.3.x and is it not working on Aussie networks? Network Provider loads crap on it to differentiate and is actually only pissing of customers). My SGS is unblocked and was outright purchase (from Optus shop) – so please tell me why I should have Optus load their crap on my phone? Similar to iPhone, Network providers do not test the OS as iSteve do not allow it!Honestly, I think it is now time that the OEM takes on these Network providers. It is great that Google are taking on the OEMs for faster (and 18month OS upgrade support). COme on Sammy, please sort out Optus.No wokder people are buys SGS II from the UK. Not only cheaper, but no bloatware, and no network OS release delays. Optus, do you get this?

    • Dazza iceman


      • Dazza iceman

        i just rang ask optus went is the release date for the sgs ii and said 11 / 6 / 2011 yahooooooo………

        • JeniSkunk

          Did Optus mean 6th November 2011, or 11th June 2011?

        • DAZZA ICEMAN

          11 OF june of next mouth 2011

        • Anonymous

          10 days to go then 🙂

  • jivemaster

    This is why you source your phones unbranded from the UK. Then you’re the first to get an update as soon as it lands, rather than sitting and waiting for months for it to trickle to the various carrier branded models where they waste time “testing” before sending it to customers. Please. They don’t have the technical expertise to test anything of the sort.

    From my experience people in Optus stores barely know what Android is.

  • killawicked

    when the fk is the update coming out for optus galaxy s… its bullshit. they are bringing fones out with it but not letting us update it… grrrrrrr

  • Marcoss

    So its a day away from August and still no Gingerbread or did I miss the event! Just hooked the phone to Kies and still no update. Has anyone heard of a firm date or has everyone given up on Optus?

  • Guest

    Any chances getting it before Christmas?

  • I would like to hear from telstra about their galaxy tab update as well. Seeing as a lot bought the tab for $300.

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