Friday , April 28 2017

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Launch Party through the eyes of Ausdroid

So Ausdroid has been in Sydney rocking out with the people from Sony Ericsson. We were invited to their exclusive Xperia Launch party — held last Wednesday night — and we had a ball. Buzz and myself both attended what was basically the official launch of the Xperia range, the Arc, the Play and the Neo. We were served drinks and food by computer/console game characters and some famous faces such as Lara Croft and Bruce Lee, all the way up to Slash from Guns N Roses.

It was a really enjoyable night, thanks to James at Sony Ericsson and Freya and Rochelle from Encoder for letting us guys tag along….and take over your TV screens. Hit the break for a rundown of what we got up to and also some photos of the night.

Upon entering the event, held at the pyd. warehouse in Waterloo, we were greeted by some of the above-mentioned characters and were given passports, these allowed us to travel to the different zones setup around the place. There were three zones, one for each handset being launched.

  • The Full Moon Party @ neo beach, where we were allowed to paint on a giant wall with neo paint. This zone of course had the new Xperia Neo, which is heading to Telstra in July.
  • The Arc Gallery. A zone that housed a heap of Xperia Arcs all connected to TVs displaying content ranging from YouTube, images taken during the night, right up to 1080p video being fed by the Arc through its HDMI port. As most of you know, the Arc has been delayed a number of times and is now due to hit Optus and Virgin in June, followed by Vodafone.
  • PLAY Junction. This was our last stop on the journey to a world less ordinary, which consisted of some comfy soft seats and a heap of Plays to get our hands on. The Play is also due to hit networks next month.

All round, it was a great night, we got to meet some old faces as well as some new faces. Thanks again to Sony Ericsson and Encoder for the invite.

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Lucas Burnett  

  •  Thank you for using the worst photos of me. Much appreciated XD

  • Anonymous

    So where are the pictures of Lucas?

  • dawdle

     Hello! I see me. 😛

  • Grunger

     So that is what you looked like, Buzz. The pin up poster boy of Ausdroid. I can see you photo going up on all of the teenage girls’ wall.

    Seriously though, good work on the site. It’s nice to see that you are getting recognition from the industry for your (and your team) work on this site. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope you guys had a good time and that the team from SE treated you well.
    Looked like a heap of fun.
    This also reaffirms to me that the Xperia Pro is still a long way off being released.
    That is, if it does get released over here.

  • Furore

    Oh wow, I saw you lads there but didn’t realise you were the guys whose stuff I read. ^^;;

    How mad was the free vodka? XD

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