Thursday , April 27 2017

Samsung Galaxy S II now up for pre-order for consumers on Optus

It’s not just business people getting in on the Galaxy S II pre-ordering fun, Optus have recently opened up pre-orders to the average consumer. The Galaxy S II is available for $5 on the $59 cap of $0 on the $79 cap. Both caps have unlimited SMS & MMS and a nice helping of data; 2GB and 3GB respectively. As with the business pre-orders, the first 200 orders to go through will get a free $60 dock and if you order before the 28th of this month and you might just even receive your device by the 1st of June.

Source: Optus - Galaxy S II.

Buzz Moody  

  • Robert Klein

    Optus seemed to have a minor meltdown when as I was trying to place my order yesterday. Eventually got my order in. My first android device – after a close and long examination of others like atrix, and lg 2x. I hope it’s as good as inital reviews suggest. And I don’t think I’ll miss not having NFC.

    • Pyrod

      Same as you been holding off to jump on the droid band wagon till the current batch of phones are out, still using 3GS. How ever think it’s between the atrix and sensation for me, size will prob end up being the main factor for me after using friends’ desire hd just didn’t like how big they were.

      • It’s something you get used in due time. I moved from an E71 to a 4 inch Galaxy S last year, and thought it was MASSIVE for the first few weeks. Funnily enough, now it actually feels too small.

  • Any news or whispers on an outright price?  I think i would like to get one to at least try out for a month or 2 until some nice soul from HTC leaks an engineering bootloader.

  • Dan

    What? Is the Galaxy S2 oz model confirmed not to have nfc? Shit that could b a dealbreaker. I’d hate it to become big if all my moron iPhone touting mates get it in the next iPhone.

    • Rob

      I’ve read th UK version has no NFC until later in the year. Not 100% certain whether the optus one will have it or not.

    • Amando Petacco-Riga

      NFC isn’t going to be such a massive deal in Aus for a while. It’s still only brand new in the US, and isn’t happening at all in the UK untill mid-2012.
      If the iPhone 5 (coming out halfway through 2012) has NFC, then it still won’t be ‘major’.
      Android is outselling iPhones. Also, a bunch of people still use the iPhone 3gs.
      The iPhone won’t be the most popular phone, and the iPhone 5 mightn’t be the most popular iPhone.

      And lots and lots of people don’t have a smartphone of any kind at all!

      For NFC to be major and popular will take a few years, in the mean time, when the only thing it’s used for is payments, just get an NFC credit card.

      Also, sim cards with intergrated NFC are in development, as well as SD cards with NFC, which will both slow down the advancement of NFC built into the phone. No NFC isn’t a dealbreaker for anyone who is pre-ordering the SGSII, you’ll be buying a new phone in 12 months anyway.

  • DylanX

     wonder when voda n telstra will join the party

  • Loucatros

    I’ve had mine for two weeks now and so far so good. great device, upgraded from iphone 4. only a few little problems here and there….

    • Nozx

      What problems are u finding? And battery life?

      • Loucatros

        The battery is not as good as my i4, i used to get 2 days heavy use out of my iphone. I prob get 1-1.5 days out of the galaxy. But the screen is alot bigger and bigger processor so i guess its ok. The phone is very very quick and responsive. also the camera is awesome i shot a few 1080hd videos and the quality is great. I had a few issues updating through Samsung kies it was just stopping and then put my phone into recovery mode which was scary but fixed it and sought some help from XDA developers. also sometimes in messaging screen you can hit the button to send so have to turn phone off and on. So far nothing major and its a definite upgrade from iphone. I work for Telstra and it works great on telstra for internet etc. Its also stupidly light, like scary light. LOL Hope this helps. happy to answer anymore questions

        • Nozx

          Cheers thanks. Just trying to justify buying it. have sgs1 on plan since october last year but dont think theres any real upgrade options so would have to buy plan outright of my 2 year contract and then buy sgsII outright too lol damn it

  •  Btw, I thought a couple of days ago I saw NFC Dedicated Support on Optus SGS2 page under Features but now its gone?  Did Optus remove it?

  • Jam

     I read a review that there is a problem with the auto brightness adjustment feature. Apparently it adjusts more often than you want. Any one here heard about this problem ?

    Wonder what pricing Three is going to come up with. 

    • Nozx

      It happens on original sgs that I have. Its not an issue as such but more like a quick response and what angle lights passes through screen and hits the sensor.

      • Jam


        Can’t wait to get my hands on this phone. The specs are simply brilliant.

  •  I clicked on the pre-order as soon as i saw the ad! Lucky i was just about to leave optus and go to voda

    • chocito

      What?! Leave Optus and goto Voda? Why?

      I’m with Voda going to Optus. 

  • Trev

    Just got off the phone with Optus

    They have confirmed that they intend on delivering my phone on the 1st
    of June, rather then sending it on the 1st of June. It’s my
    understanding that anything pre-ordered before this Friday (28th) will
    also be delivered on Monday. 

    • w.p.w

      Spoke to optus around 12ish a they told me it’ll be sent within the 1st week of june. must say im abit skeptical of the date to be received

      • Richard

        I ordered mine on Friday afternoon and when I log into the Optus website it says that delivery date is 24th May.  I also called Optus  and they also said that the phone should be delivered tomorrow, but at the very latest I will have on the 1st.  We’ll wait and see I guess. 

  • Things

    no nfc for Aussie….
    Official news from

  •  I don’t know about you guys but i’m getting a free dock 😀

  • Damn it! I am going to be overseas on the 1st of June!

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