Thursday , March 30 2017

Xperia Arc begins to hit stores…. Finally

Well it seems like forever ago that we both heard and reviewed the Xperia Arc, then heard it had been delayed, then delayed again. Well wait no more, the Arc has officially started to roll out to Optus dealers today. We have been emailed by a few people in the know, stating that Optus stores and dealers have started to receive their long awaited shipments of the Sony Ericsson dream phone. There is a small problem, Optus have not dropped the price of the Arc and are still advertising the Arc as $0 on a $79 Cap, this is the same pricing as that lovely little handset that also begins it’s arrival in stores, starting tomorrow, the Samsung Galaxy S II. If the Arc stays at it’s current price, I have almost every reason to believe that the Arc will get no traction, almost….or just head over to Virgin once stock flows onto them.


Lucas Burnett  

  • I’ll still get it but I guess most people won’t bother anymore

  • will be hitting Telechoice Blacktown tomorrow, were packing these today along with the Galaxy S 2, which will be out tomorrow also 😉

  • MrSimtang

    Error in the article: The SGSII and the Arc aren’t the same pricing.The SGSII costs $5 a month on a $59 plan ($64 total a month) compared to the Arc’s $79 a month. 

    Why anyone would choose the more expensive Arc over the SGSII is beyond me. Unless they really, really like the Arc’s desgin or UI or something.

  • Aussiereddevil

    Arc and gsii are both in stock at TeleChoice Penrith. And arc is dropping to the $59 Optus cap tomorrow. Oh and got the SE Play in today as well 🙂

  • Aussiereddevil

    Arc and gsii are both in stock at TeleChoice Penrith. And arc is dropping to the $59 Optus cap tomorrow. Oh and got the SE Play in today as well 🙂

  • Sam K

    Too late, already got an Incredible S a month ago.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the July release of the Neo is looking just a teeny bit more promising.

  • Palstran

    Is the Xperia play coming out this week too? Thats what i’m waiting for.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’m in the same boat. It seems like it’s appeared on the Optus site as the same time as the Arc. I’m going to go check out my local Optus store today.

      • Deltronzero

        According to Optus stores, Xperia Play and Arc won’t be in store in until early next week.

        • Anonymous

          Ah, indeed so. From Optus, pricewise, the Play is $759 and the Arc is $749.

          However, my Optus store didn’t have an idea of when they would stock the Play… which wasn’t very comforting. Guess I’ll have to wait till next week and see what they say.

        • Deltronzero

          It took me 3 optus stores before one of them could tell me an ETA and all said they would be getting now more than 3 or 4 handsets for the first batch.

        • Anonymous

          Ah I see, I guess I’ll have to keep an ear and an eye out for it then. Thanks for your help.

  • Martykingma

    $0 On the $59 plan on the telechoice web site today. I’ll still pay the extra $5 a month for GS2!

  • Chocito

    So Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t available at store level till tomorrow?

  • Gregorian

    It’s been such a long long journey from announcement to release.  It’s almost out of date before one has been sold.

  • aman

    already out of stock in OPTUS today??? why??!!

  • droid

    $49 + $0 per month for virgin mobile; buy online 

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