Wednesday , March 29 2017

Samsung Galaxy S II lands on Virgin, $5 on the Easy Cap 49

Well it started out on Optus and is now making its way to Virgin. Although not listed on their website yet, we have received word that Samsung Galaxy S II is now available via Virgin dealers, dropping on the Easy Cap 49 with a $5 monthly repayment, and also getting cosy on the Smart Cap 69 and the Topless 99, the handset is free on both of the higher plans. We do know that Telstra and Vodafone are looking at a July release for the handset, so it seems Optus and Virgin get first dibs, followed by the rest. Anyone waiting for it on Virgin? Do you think the pricing is ok? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Anonymous.

Lucas Burnett  

  • will the Virgin model run AOSP Gingerbread without Touchwiz just like the new motorola handset?

  • Barry

    Great price for this handset on virgin, with tremendous call credit as well. Was looking at Optus but virgin just got my Bling I think…!

  • does anyone else find it amusing that it is called the *virgin* *easy cap*?

    …or is that just my immature-ness?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good deal for ppl who don’t use much mobile data – which would be difficult on a phone like this! The superfast browser and hspa+ make short work of the 500MB included in this Cap.

    • elie

      So choose the Smart Cap option…

  • Argh I got the arc on the weekend instead because I couldn’t wait any longer and I was thinking they were aiming for a july release

  • Oops double post

  • Nathsgames

    Yes I am and it’s new plan time, instant change over as soon as they get stocks and I’ll go the $69 plan which and some data! Great break thanks mate!

  • Good deal for a great phone. I’m still with Virgin but ended up buying outright to get the SGS2 sooner plus no contracts.

  • James Harris

    I ordered one last week on vodafone, and the sales person said 5-7 working days for delivery, landing it on my doorstep by the end of the week. This ties in with words from my friend in Vodafone Management who told me that it will be released in vodafone shops on 15th June. THIS WEEK FOLKS !!!!!!!

  • Mrian

    I called Virgin Mobile Melbourne CBD and they have advised that this is not the case and still do not have a firm release date.

    Does anyone know what Virgin store is reporting they have them ?

  • it is on there website 🙂
    Top result in google “virgin au samsung galaxy s II”.

    Cant wait 🙂 Already on virgin $99 BYO. So should be easy to swap. 

    Currently N1 🙂

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