Well there you have it folks, Telstra’s new Expressions Of Interest (EOI) page now lists the HTC Sensation right above the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II. Surely this can only mean one thing: this bad boy is coming to Telstra, just like we reported back in May and further back in March. The 4.3″ qHD, 1.2GHz Dual-Core toting device will certainly be a major push for high-end devices in Australia that target the average consumer and tech-nerds alike.

I reviewed the HTC Sensation about a week ago and found it to be a very promising device. With a bit of luck we can see it launched in the next few months, and maybe alongside the HTC EVO 3D.

Source(s): Telstra - EOI
  • Butch

    Ok…. Whats the story here? 

    Are they going to bring out the Sensation or EVO 3D or both? 

    Come on telstra, I am sick of all the crap!

  • Victor

    Telstra commented out the HTC Sensation…

    <!– HTC Sensation –>

    • http://ausdroid.net Buzz Moody

      Uh oh, seems they got ahead of themselves.

  • Garry

    on the money again buzz…! what mighty contacts. Lucky didnt buy from handtec and use on optus, this baby needs next g