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Pricing: We haven’t heard a word on pricing just yet. Big T might be working out how to better price the SGSII alongside the Sensation.

Yay for the Rumour Mill which is currently pumping out enough rumours to power a small town, or at least my tech-filled house. What we’ve got here is a tidbit that suggests Telstra will make the Galaxy S II available on July 16th, which is just under 3 weeks from today and just over 2 weeks from when they’ll announce availability on Thursday. The phrase ‘make available‘ is fairly ambiguous though. We’re thinking that maybe this means pre-orders will be delivered and major stores will begin to sell this magical, fire-breathing beast.

Just a note, Telstra: This time you can’t tell us there isn’t enough stock to supply the demand. This is a Quadband HSPA+ device, not a device made just for your network ;). We’ll fill you in on any other details if they come to hand before the announcement on Thursday.

Source: Anonimouse.
Companies: Samsung, and Telstra
Devices: Galaxy S II