Sunday , April 30 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 coming to Vodafone soon

We received some information a week or so ago pointing to this fact, but we wanted to confirm it a bit more before posting about it. Well today is the day, today I was sent the lovely little pic you see above, which is from Vodafone’s July catalogue, showing the newest member of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1“.
It seems the slimmer Tab 10.1 is hitting Vodafone in the not to distant future. What it doesn’t show is an actual date or a price. However information we also received does seem to indicate it could be apart of bundle deals or very aggressive pricing.

With this new brand spanking tab almost here, What does this mean for existing 10.1v customers? It probably means you will be forgotten, and I would suspect more then you already have been to date, which is not a lot considering everyone involved with the 10.1v seems to have forgotten about it also and have thrown their hands in the air, particularly in regards to the Honeycomb 3.1 update for the already discontinued tablet. Let’s hope the new 10.1 doesn’t suffer the same fate or the sameissues suffered by its predecessor.


Lucas Burnett  

  • Dy4me

    what sort of bundle deals? hope its not mobile +tab. i just want a tab deal.

  • I’ve been looking to transfer my old 3 mobile broadband number to a tablet plan for so long, not that my local Vodafone stores seemed to care; at least they weren’t even given any stock and never had any point of sale on display. If Vodafone can’t keep their stores stocked, then I’ll pass for a more stable network.

  • Level380

    You always knew that the 10.1v was going to be kicked to the scape heap before it even went on sale. Samsung had kicked it to the scape heap before it was released. So I don’t really know why you guys are complaining!

    • Nathan Clarke

      Well that’s simple. Because it is technically capable of taking the update. Also, early adopters show a certain level of brand/tech loyalty and they feel they should be rewarded for that.

      • Level380

        This is SAMSUNG, they often forgot about older phones… i7500, samsuns galaxy S in the USA was forgotten about for a long time, forgive me if I prejudged them.

  • Level380

    Is this going to be the 3G version? I thought sammy had late Sept for the 10.1 3G release?

  • Coda

    nice. can’t wait.

  • MrSimtang

    Unless these tablets are 100% guaranteed to get an Ice Cream Sandwich update, they’re not worth it.

    Honeycomb is going to be a dead and buried OS soon enough. Unless manufacturers come out and say they’re going to update their tablets to ICS, I won’t bother.

  • Already imported this bad boy 2 weeks ago from the US – got it off Mobicity – 32GB Wifi Grey – came in about 3 days of purchasing it and WOW…

    It is so fast and everything i read about honeycomb being choppy or buggy is incorrect. Came shipped with 3.1 and no TouchWiz. It is more than i expected. Given how easily it also links with the wifi hotspot off my HTC desire on NextG I am not disappointed i didnt get 3G.

    Have compared it next to an iPad 2 and this thing kicks it in almost every way – have not once thought – “if only this app was tablet optimized” – the ones that i used and still want to use are all tablet optimized.

    Having played with Xooms, Acer and Asus tablets – this is the best tablet on the market right now – would highly recommend.

  • Can anyone confirm if this unit has a micro SD slot?

  • Can anyone confirm is this unit has a micro SD slot?

  • thanks mate.
    nice unit but with no SD I think I’ll be giving this one a miss

    • dave

      With the USB connector and USB host mode for the galaxy tab, you can plug in a USB drive, so there is room to expand the memory, just not entirely that portable and streamlined

  • Nozx

    Ive had confirmation through my store wr are selling it very soon. $729 16gb wifi+3g and $839 32gb wifi+3g

    • Dy4me

      what is very soon and what is ur store site?

      • Nozx

        Well stock is already ordered but allocation is set for end of august… whether thats just my store i dunno. interesting i didnt know but it is sold in same variations as ipad 2 and pricing is identical to ipad 2 counterpart($579 16gb wifi only through to $949 64gb wifi+3g in black or white). Stock appears to be everything, samsung branded cases, sd/usb kit, hdmi and keyboards.

        • Dy4me

          well end of august isnt very soon. other retailers are stating mid july. which is this week or next. also you didnt mention ur store site or name? yes samsung has priced the galaxy tab 10.1  in all markets to match ipad2 prices.

        • Nozx


      • Tim

        It’s probably not a great idea for Nozx to be telling you where he works when he’s feeding you information Vodaphone isn’t ready to announce yet, Dy4me. It’s not rocket science, mate. 😉

  • According to me, It has already launched on Vodafone with very reasonable price. So if anyone want to buy this tablet, So you can go for Vodafone.

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