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We received some information a week or so ago pointing to this fact, but we wanted to confirm it a bit more before posting about it. Well today is the day, today I was sent the lovely little pic you see above, which is from Vodafone’s July catalogue, showing the newest member of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1“.
It seems the slimmer Tab 10.1 is hitting Vodafone in the not to distant future. What it doesn’t show is an actual date or a price. However information we also received does seem to indicate it could be apart of bundle deals or very aggressive pricing.

With this new brand spanking tab almost here, What does this mean for existing 10.1v customers? It probably means you will be forgotten, and I would suspect more then you already have been to date, which is not a lot considering everyone involved with the 10.1v seems to have forgotten about it also and have thrown their hands in the air, particularly in regards to the Honeycomb 3.1 update for the already discontinued tablet. Let’s hope the new 10.1 doesn’t suffer the same fate or the sameissues suffered by its predecessor.

Companies: Samsung, and Vodafone
Devices: Galaxy Tab