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It’s been a long time coming for the Pyramid/Sensation hasn’t it? Here’s the timeline of how this all unfolded:

That last dot point sums up this post. The HTC Sensation is now available from all your favourite Telstra stores for $0 on the $79 Freedom Connect Plan (which is the price we reported) and outright — at least online — for $792, which is far more than the $699 that MobiCity is offering for the NextG specific HTC Sensation and has none of the Telstra bloatware. For those who can remember the launch of the HTC Desire on Telstra, it was on sale outright for $779, so for $13 more and over a year later you can get a massive boost in specs ;).

We were a fan of the HTC Sensation when we reviewed it, though we don’t feel it’s for the tech-savvy user instead the whole Ausdroid Team (except Matty) recommends the Galaxy S II. Either way, head into your local Telstra store to check it out for yourself.

Companies: HTC, and Telstra