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Now that all of the major and minor carriers have announced their pricing for the Galaxy S II superphone, we thought we’d do what you guys seem to enjoy – or at least enjoy arguing over – and that’s to do a brief comparison of what each carrier will offer you at a certain price. Since carriers are always changing their standard plan prices, we’re basing this comparison of $59 caps or a close equivalent if there is no $59 cap. You follow? Good, hit the break.

All plans are over 24 months. What we think is the better deal in each area is highlighted in green, feel free to discuss it in the comments.

  Voda Optus Telstra CJ’s Virgin
Plan Cost $65/mo $59/mo $59/mo $55/mo $59/mo
Repayments $5/mo $5/mo $15/mo $0 $0
Cap Credit $65 $750 $550 $750 $700
Total Cost (24mths) $1,680 $1,418 $2,256 $1,320 $1,416
Data 2GB 2GB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB
Calls (flagfall) Unlim std national 90c/min (+30c) 90c/min (+35c) Unlim VHA – 99c/min (+40c) Unlim Virgin – 99c/min (+40c)
SMS Unlim national & int. Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national
Video Call (ff) Unlim national $1.50/min (+35c) 90c/min (+35c) $1/min 99c/min (+40c)
MMS Unlim national 50c 50c 50c 60c
Int. SMS Unlim int. 50c 50c 35c 45c
Int. MMS Unlim int. 75c 75c 50c 50c
Link Vodafone Optus Telstra Crazy John’s Virgin Mobile

Big props to Telstra for being competitive as always. As you know, I buy phones outright, but I’m interested to hear who you are/will/have going/go/gone with. I’ll see you in the comments.

Companies: Optus, Samsung, Telstra, and Vodafone
Devices: Galaxy S II