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Telstra news is all the rage today, and for good reason: device announcements and launches! Up next is the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II superphone. Although it has been available on every other carrier for the best part of a month, Telstra has been dawdling behind to ensure the device works perfectly on their impressive 850MHz NextG network. The device is $840 outright which is a massive rip, as we’re yet to see any major speed improvements over the generic i9100 Galaxy S II, or you can snag it on a two year plan for $20/mo on Telstra’s $59 Freedom Connect plan. Yep, pricey. There’s no doubt the Galaxy S II is the best smartphone out at the moment, but even still, there’s no need for such a high price. If you’re still interested, however, you can check out the source link to hit one up from Telstra online.

Source: Samsung Galaxy S II - Telstra Online.
Companies: Samsung, and Telstra
Devices: Galaxy S II