Sunday , April 30 2017

Apple blocks Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Australia, Samsung gets shown who’s boss

Update: Galaxy Tab 10.1 will come to Australia, read Samsung’s statement here.

Guess who got shown up in the Federal Court today? Samsung, of course. Apple filed an injunction against Samsung stopping them from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 here in Australia, which means both Vodafone and Optus aren’t legally allowed to sell them until this lawsuit has been sorted out by both Apple and Samsung.

The court ruled in favour of Apple, who claimed that Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringed on 10 of their patents including the “look and feel” and touchscreen technology of the iPad. I tend to take Apple’s side on this, I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it’s a tad too similar. Hopefully this will show Samsung that they need to develop their own designs, which they’re well and truly capable of.

We’ll update this post should we hear back from Samsung, Vodafone or Optus.

Source: Bloomberg.

Buzz Moody  

  • Anonymous

    Wow that is big news! While there are similarities, they are only skin deep, seems a bit extreme to block sales altogether! Hopefully this gets resolved soon because the people who are truly disadvantaged here are the consumers

    • Framingpixels

      The only people who are disadvantaged are the local retailers. Who don’t care if you buy brand X or Y.. Just that you buy from them, and not go online and import from OS.. local telcos and retailers that sell competing products to Apple should put a freeze on selling Apple in this country.. Because the consumer is not locked into the local market!

  • Interesting……

    Wow this is interesting…..
    I believe Australia is the first country in which this has happened.

    • Indeed it is. Apple are going to make an example of Samsung here before they file a lawsuit for an injunction in the US.

    • From my knowledge… correct

      • Isaac

        the nanny state strikes again

  • Dy4me

    This just goes to show what a stupid country we live in. Apple tried the same thing in the US. And they are still allowed to sell the tab there till the lawsuite finishes. but in australia. No, dont sell it. I just think apple is finally scared! and we live in a country with too many rules.

    • The thing is here the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hasn’t actually launched here yet, so Apple are blocking sales before they even begin.

      • Dy4me

        Yes Buzz but you have to admit that apple is really starting to fear samsung.the SGS2 sales numbers are not helping. And for apple to state that the galaxy tab 10.1 infringes their ipad “look and feel” patent is a little over then top. Look and feel. next what will they patent? white colour?  

        • Jake Oliver

          iirc they are relying on some ancient software patents from the 80s (at least they are in the US), and thats against both Samsung and HTC.

          How have Apple not been done for being anti-competitive yet?

  • Peter Simpson

    Not buying Apple again, not even for when the girlfriend needs to upgrade her iPhone. I was mildly interested in the iPad, but I was definitely interested in the competition as well. If I have a forced choice, then I’d rather not make it at all.

  • Wolf

    I’m with Buzz – Samsung need to stop trying to be the iPhone/iPad of Android and start coming up with original designs for both external hardware and UI.

    • You’ve never used an iPad and a Tab.

    • Matt

      Black – nice colour. Thin – who wants fat. Rectangular – well pentagonal screens haven’t really boomed in the market yet. Rounded corners – look nice, *and* don’t have pointy edges!

      Software – well, rounded application icons, and a common application tray.If you can patent those ideas, then I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

    • Asdf

      Where would we be if automakers sued each other for innovations such as a steering wheel and brake pedals?

  • Alexeiwatson

    You take apples side?? Why?? Because its thin? Its a tablet! How physically different can it be? The software is different, the hardware is different. This is a joke. I’m going to import. Out of principle.

  • i agree- but tbh how many different designs can one make for a tablet.  its black, flat etc.  revolutionary!?!?

    Apple are running scared and trying to stop others overtaking them, but they are doing it using the courts rather than how they should be, innovation.  

    • Once again I don’t think Hardware is the major issue here, if I were Apple I would take offence to Samsung’s blatant knock-off of iOS with TouchWiz on the 10.1.

      • Hmmmmmm I would agree that Samsung’s Touchwiz is trying to get as close to iOS as it can, but Apple have some ridiculous patents, like how scrolling works and ones that include “multi touch interface”. That kinda crap is so general that it applies to almost every touch screen device on the market. Like Level380 said, Apple need to really start innovating. Granted, they single handedly changed the smart phone market overnight, they were innovating, regardless of what people say, they did and they were, but five years on it;s a little different and hiding behind generalised patents is not the answer. Competition is healthy and consumers win from it. Google really should have patented the slide down notification window in Android, then gone after Apple, seeing as though that was a blatant copy, how far can we go though? Do we start patenting keyboard designs on touchscreen devices?

        All in all, it says a lot for the skinning of a software, if in fact the main issue Apple has is with TouchWiz, and it also says a lot for the warm water Google are in with Sun over Java licensing. This needs to get sorted, it all needs to fall into place, otherwise we, the people who buy this OS will suffer in the long run if it doesn’t. Rant Over 🙂

      • Blake Hillier

        I have to disagree, touchwiz on the samsung galaxy II does resemble iOS in a way but on honeycomb it does look a lot different in comparison to iOS on the pad. No matter the tablet apple have concurred the tablet market so far, I take my asus transformer to work and everyone asks if that’s an ipad even with its brown and unique backing and bezel. They see a screen without a desktop tower and assume its an ipad rather then a tablet so no matter how different everyday consumers will miss label it as an ipad.

  • Dy4me

    I hope Samsung block the ipad3

    • Jake Oliver

      Yeah, can’t see Samsung being to keen to produce any hardware for Apple in the near future.

  • Nozx

    i was almost heartbroken when i saw this…

  • Level380

    I hate apple…….. Learn to beat them with features not lawsuits!

  • sp20

    The funny thing is that Samsung actually manufactures the processors and a few other components for the iPhone and iPad.

    • Matt

      I think apple are discontinuing that relationship.

  • kaisnowy

    wow, I never thought I would be saying this but I’m actually glad I bought the 10.1v 🙂

  • Jake Oliver

    Going to quote XDA here for a moment:
    “It seems that either Apple has too much money, free lawyers, or just flat out ran out of ideas on how to make their product more competitive in a market saturated by Android devices, which keep multiplying like rabbits.”

    It’s a shame none of this is getting any publicity in the mainstream media. Would be rather nice to see Apple shown up as the noxious Patent trolls they are.

  • Ballzingski

    I bet the Judge is big Iphone Itunes user

  • Anon

    apple suck balls. that’s my contribution

  • Geoff Fieldew

    Make no mistake people, Samsung is the manufacturer of Android products that has increased it’s marketshare in the mobile area (mostly phones) far more than any other recently (Q1, 2010 to Q1, 2011) by around 10%, HTC by around 4%, Apple by around 3%, others to a lesser extent.  Apple are also suing HTC. 

    68% of Apple’s total portfolio revenue comes from their mobile products (iphone 47% + ipad 21%). Android has caught iOS off guard with fantastic innovation on the hardware side mostly from Samsung & HTC and obviously on the software side with fantastic innovations that we know and love while Apple have focused more on marketing and big deals with music companies and others. 

    Apple are losing market share big time and what do they do? They become history’s biggest ever Patent Troll! Yes, galaxy products look like iproducts. But don’t be ignorant and miss the big picture. This is an all out effort to nullify Android because Apple is shit-scared of losing their massive market share. 

    Why isn’t Apple going after Windows in the mobile space? It’s obvious. They are not a threat yet. Also, Microsoft has a massive IP portfolio that scares everyone, just ask HTC who are paying them royalties (Maybe Samsung will be soon too). Apple went after Nokia and Sony Ericcson hard too when they were more successful.

    Android friends, consider the opportunistic nature of this attack. This is disgusting! Think about it. If you can’t innovate better than someone else then you buy up a stack of old patents to add to your own and then try to manouvre the battle from a place of innovation to a court room. The bigger man (financially) tries to kill the smaller man because the smaller man has something good. That’s called bullying. I think it’s time for me to declare what I believe and stand up and be counted on these principles: Fairness, equal opportunity for all, a level playing field and a market unfettered by court room nonsense.

    • Great comment Geoff, Apple went after Nokia and lost

  • Aleksandar Balalovski

    The author of the article.. is this informative portal or your own blog? If it’s your own blog then your personal opinion about Samsung and how you feel in this lawsuit are fine, but mean nothing to me, so I take nothing of this seriously.. but if it’s informative portal, be objective and don’t take sides. On the other hand, have you seen the Samsung UI design from back before iPhone? It’s the same as iPhone.. or the other way around. 

    • Mystery

      Would you rather have straight news? That would be extremely boring. It’s sometimes nice for writers to put a few of their personal opinions in. It was only like 1-2 lines anyway. 

    • Personal opinions are apart of this site. We write from our perspective for our readers. This will not change, we are not a newspaper.

  • Vrooom

    Apple check your undies for shit stains. One thing apples forgot when they accused samsung of copying. How could samsung be them when their phones work.

  • Geoff Fieldew

    On my reading of the Bloomberg article and various others on the subject of this dispute it would seem that Samsung have an Agreement with Apple not to sell some of their products in certain markets while this dispute is on so as not to prejudice the outcome. It would appear:

    A. Samsung have decided not to release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and the Galaxy S II in the US while the patent dispute remains unresolved. What happened in the Federal Court was perhaps a formalising of the above agreement.

    B. Apple have not successfully “blocked” the sale of these devices through any “court ruling”.

    C. Apple are delaying the release of the iPhone 5 for the same reasons. Specifically, that it’s release could compromise their chance of winning the dispute.

    I may not be correct in these assumptions (specifically about the 10.1 release in Australia). If, however, I have understood accurately then I would respectfully suggest an ammendment to article above.

  • FelipeCh

    OMG they copied the touchscreen and the “look and feel”… next those evil men will start using Apple’s polymers and metals!!

  • Floonine

    Goddammit, Apple needs to chill out and stop crying so much. 

  • Robert Sleight

    What a joke I was hoping to get one of these this month, ahhhh Now I hate Apple even more! 

  • Nozx
  • what a bunch of fucking wankers

  • Dy4me

    Buzz i realize that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hasn’t actually launched here yet,so they are trying to block it. But then why hasnt appple blocked the launch in the UK? It hasnt launched there either

  • Thanks Apple, you just made me want one even more 🙂

  • Coda

    You’re a looser, apple.

  • Since I bought mine a couple of weeks ago I might head on in to the Apple store and ask them to show me how to use it and sell me some accessories. Since it’s the same device they shouldn’t have any trouble doing that should they? Otherwise I will just throw a tantrum and start screaming “it’s MAGICAL” and block anyone from buying any iCrap. This is how Apple act as a company. Childish and pathetic. 

    It makes me truly disappointed that this country is so naive to the bullshit anti-competitive practices Apple employ. Everyone seems to think they are gods of innovation yet their main tactic is to seek court injunctions and marketing. Will do everything I can from here on in to make sure everyone I know avoids this iShit. 

    • Dy4me

      i think we need to team up and voice out opinion.or else APPLE wins. Worse still the consumer looses. cuz monopoly is never good.  

    • apple never said it’s SAME device. don’t be SOOOO childish and pathetic.

      • Anonymous

        Read this

        “n a Federal Court filing obtained by Fairfax Media, Apple accuses
        Samsung of misleading and deceptive conduct and demands damages. It
        accuses Samsung of misleading consumers by making representations “to
        the effect” that the Galaxy Tab 10.1:

        – is the iPad 2.

        – is a version of the iPad 2.

        – has the same performance characteristics as the iPad 2.

        – is manufactured/supplied by Apple.

        – is licensed, sponsored, approved by or otherwise associated with Apple.

        – is of the same quality and standard as the iPad.

        Also found in the court application are demands by Apple
        that all of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 stock be delivered to Apple to be

  • Tim Marshall

    samsung are onto a winning design with the galaxy sII , why not do the tab as a version of that with a few tweaks to make it even less similar to apples products,have a black or fully white version available, use a plastic backing to make it super thin,lightweight and capable of great signal/reception. on the software side, ensure touchwiz is well differentiated from the iOS homescreen paradigm. 

    • > why not do the tab as a version
      question is why they didn’t do it at first place, but was trying to copy apple device?

  • Im quite sure Samsung is showing apple who’s boss by “severing ties for Samsungs chip manufacturing and potentially NAND flash storage, both of which are used heavily in the iPad and iPad 2 devices’.

    • samsung is not the one chip manufacturing company… and they like apple’s money

      • Read the court filings – in actual fact they did. So please stop trolling on here and fanboi somewhere else mate. You are a clown. 

  • Isaac

    with one of the fastest growing android usage rates in the world i knew the fruity boys wud start pissing in their pants and sure they have but i am just happy that now even more people who dint know about the tab are now consulting google and those like me who were waiting for the launch are heading to EBAY you cant stop us pissy friut pants lol

  • Geoff Fieldew

    In a Federal Court filing obtained by Fairfax Media, Apple accuses Samsung of misleading and deceptive conduct and demands damages. It accuses Samsung of misleading consumers by making representations “to the effect” that the Galaxy Tab 10.1:

    – is the iPad 2.

    – is a version of the iPad 2.

    – has the same performance characteristics as the iPad 2.

    – is manufactured/supplied by Apple.

    – is licensed, sponsored, approved by or otherwise associated with Apple.

    – is of the same quality and standard as the iPad.

    Apple is demanding that all of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 stock be delivered to Apple to be destroyed.

    The above is an excerpt from the complete article available here

    • Isaac

      The patents considered infringed by the friuties are as follows
      Standard Patents- 2008201540: List scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display- 2005246219: Multipoint touchscreen- 2007283771: Portable electronic device for photo management- 2009200366: List scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display- 2007286532: Touch screen device, method and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics

      Innovation Patents- 2008100283: List scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display- 2008100372: Electronic device for photo management- 2009100820: Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image- 2008100419: Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image- 2008101171: Portable electronic device for imaged-based browsing of contacts
      Read more:

    • I have the same filing document. Interesting stuff. I’d post stuff up if I weren’t at school.

    • Frank Ellis

      ahahahah thats hilarious! If Samsung made it look like an Apple product LESS people would buy it. 

      • oh, pleeeaaassseee… 15 million of iPads (march 2001) vs 6 millions Tabs (april 2011)

  • Pcupitt

    I HATE Apple with a passion.  Can’t even stand a little competition.  The company founders (both hackers and phreakers) are really lonely nerds who can’t drag themselves out of the basement (in a mental way).
    I have saved the money for one of these and was two weeks away from buying one until these scumbags stuck their jealous little noses into things.  Looks like they ran and told on someone(That’ll show em).
    Fight like men and not like spoiled little gutter brats APPLE !!!
     Even if I am prevented from buying one of these excellent devices, I do NOT see an Ipad in my future.  Even if Apple wins, they lose !!!!!!

    • > I HATE Apple with a passion
      you should contact your doctor…

  • Grunger

    Dear Apple

    Fuck you very much

    Yours not so sincerely
    Extremely annoyed Android user.

    • who gives a shit about your problems?

      • mcFactor_is_a_loser

        mcFactor you piece of $hit, what a dumb loser… get a life you sick fanboi

  • Frank Ellis

    This reminds me of when Apple went to court because they claimed the new Woolworths logo was too similar to the Apple logo….seriously! wtf!

    I really hope Samsung (or anyone for that matter) go after Apple for price fixing, they’ve got away with it for way too long!
    I wonder how long it will take to overturn this injunction, if they do at all?

  • Anonymous

    apple does not go after the chinese copy cats of its products built by major chinese vendors, for fruits sake it does not even go after the fake apple stores, but it likes going after companies like sammy, lets see apple go after lenovo,huawei,zte..scared much appy.

    It would get banned in china if it were to go after chinese companies,faster than cupertino can say ni hao.

    It exploits these ridculous patent laws and goes after its strongest competitor.mostly in western democracies,apple cannot do the same for chinese companies.

  • Achraf

    Fuck off are they still whining about tochscreen?!?! I’ll NEVER eat an apple again….

  • Brendan

    You take apples side? Are you retarded?

  • Apple are such dicks, the patents in question should be abolished. For a company so driven by popularity they are really screwing it up by carrying on like babies, as seen by the comments here, anti-competitive law suits to stifle innovation only turn people away. (oh except for the religiously blind iTrolls that wouldn’t consider anything but an iToy anyway)

    Also has everyone else noticed how the new notification bar in iOS5, that seems to be the most anticipated feature of the OS iteration, is the same thing Android had from the beginning? Anyone seen law suits from Google on this?

    Here’s hoping for an even playing field and no more patent litigation.

  • Skawls14

    hey… u really thing samsung copy apple?
    does that  mean other than apple can not make tablet pc?
    do u know apple is not the first company where lauch tablet pc?
    If u have own eyes, u thing they look simmilar?
    tab is longer…
    with edge… all tablet pc;s are around…. – –

  • Anonymous

    Actually I get one of  Samsung Galaxy Tab from Amazon.
    $300 bucks 🙂 

    what a pity if it wont launch in Australia… Evil Apple!!

  • Guest

    apple just can’t accept that a superior product was about to launch and smash them in the market and just want to stall it’s release. They don’t even realise that all the suckers who buy thier products are finally waking up to the fact apple bosses are nothing but bullies.

  • Mohammed

    What a selfish company this apple, deprive Samsung and all the rest of us from having a different tab than the iPad which is really strict in every way ,annoying at best. I’m selling my iPad and will never buy anything apple, it’s a dieing company in the tablet market.

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