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Ausdroid Podcast 011 – When We’re Away They Will Play – 03/08/2011

Welcome to the Ausdroid Podcast Episode 11, recorded on Wednesday 3rd August. Buzz, Lucas, Irwin Geoff and Scott are finally back after a 3 week hiatus and run down the latest news. We hit up quite a bit this week, including the Galaxy S II on Telstra, Tablets get a real talking about, including the Apple vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 lawsuit and also Android as a whole. So check it out and get into it, it’s a big one.

Hit the break for the goods.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Buzz Moody, Geoff Fieldew, Irwin Proud and Scott Plowman


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Lucas Burnett  

  • Hi all,

    When will the next Podcast be? 1 week or 2? 10th or 17th August?

    • 10th August, next Wednesday, that will bring it back in line with our normal schedule.

  • Buzz in this podcast I think you said something like “I have no idea where the towers are around my place”. 

    Install this, click on the ‘map’ tab and zoom in.

    Aside: The main purpose of this app is to allow us all to contribute to user-generated coverage maps. Hopefully once this thing gets some momentum, we won’t have to rely those overly-optimistic coverage maps provided by the carriers.

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