Thursday , March 2 2017

First leaked screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich hit the web, Honeycomb meets Gingerbread

Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that Android Police and RootzWiki have snared themselves leaked screenshots of Android’s upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich release, which is to be version 4.0. If you want to see two more pics hit up both of those links above.

There’s really not much to say about these images, except that you should look at them, a lot. The seem to have incorporated the Honeycomb holographic theme into Gingerbread. There’s also a new launcher which seems to have a multitasking button on the bottom right. What do you guys think? Like it so far?


Buzz Moody  

  • Anonymous

    The launcher looks a bit like touchwiz?

  • Jake Oliver

    I’m not 100% convinced at this stage it’s legit.

    Looks like a very slightly modified version of the cyanbread theme (included in CM7). The launcher wouldn’t be hard to fake, and its pretty easy to change all those “about” settings in the build.prop.

    • Jake Oliver

      Actually, take that back, after having a look at all the screens and not just the one embedded in the article.

      • Level380

        Take which part back? Your 100% convinced they are real or they are fakes?

  • Luke5524ax

    It’s fake. ICS wouldn’t be this unfinished if it really will be shipping by October this year.

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