Wednesday , March 29 2017

HTC Desire HD from Vodafone getting it’s fix on – maintenance fix now available

Got a HTC Desire HD? Got some issues with Wi-Fi, 3G and Date & Time? Well stress not, cause your solution is here. Now you need to have purchased the Desire HD from Vodafone Australia, and it’s an OTA update, which is good, because it come in at a very small 14MB. It fixes the following issues, brought on by June’s update:

  • Wi-Fi performace and improvements
  • 2G-only option
  • Automatic Date / Time retrieval (strange huh?)

So pretty strange forward update, doesn’t fix much but does fix some well needed things, if they are your cup of tea. To get cracking go to: Options -> About Phone -> Software Update -> Check Updates. And awaaaayyyyy you go!

Source: Buzz.

Lucas Burnett  

  • PseudoEdge

    Completed. Seems to have improved my Wireless range/ stability and data appears to connect more quickly on the go.

  • Jamie Nicholson

    Before If you had the clock set to automatic (use network provided values) the phone would constantly open a pop up asking you which city in aus you were in (may be a perth only issue?)

    This update seems to have resolved that issue.

  • Pete

    what about handsets on three? i’m on CM7 at the moment but have always wanted to go back to stock just to have all the features again.

    i remember getting the clock issue on the 2.2 rom (pre-update). is that issue fixed on three handsets?

  • Anonymous

    My screen is blacker and less red after the update…

  • Chumly

    updated and started doing the automatic date/time issue thing again after a day.

    Anyone else still having this problem?

    • Owen108

      Hey Chumly, my date/time issue is still around however my wireless issues are resolved. Good and Bad.

      • Chumly

        thanks mate, seems a simple bug – weird it didn’t get fixed.

        What were the wifi issues? I never noticed any problems.

        • Owen108

          Yeah I agree, quite an annoying bug too.

          The wifi issues involved poor signal strength and dropouts. At least for me anyway.

        • Owen108

          Yeah I agree, quite an annoying bug too.

          The wifi issues involved poor signal strength and dropouts. At least for me anyway.

  • Dion

    Never had any noticable wifi issues, time/date issue still present. Outside of gsm only option and a few cosmetic differences, i don’t feel this update did much at all, tbh.

  • Kristy

    I have never had a Wifi issues with my HD (which is from Vodafone).  However it does do the date time thing, It asks me that every 3 or 4 hours.  I have learnt to ignore it mostly.  This new update did not stop that at all.  Waste of 14 MB if you ask me. LOL.

  • LlamaLlamaLamp

    It has fixed my WiFi issues thankfully, but now the time update is worse than ever! Who the hell did the QA on this update?!?! Can it really be that hard? I mean especially when the problem is so obvious! ugh.

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