Samsung picks up CyanogenMod’s head honcho, now a Samsung employee

It wasn’t that long ago that we reported on CyanogenMod devs being sent a few of Samsung‘s golden children, in the form of Galaxy S IIs, the goal was to develop for this amazing handset. It seems to have paid off: Steve Kondik, the main man behind CyanogenMod, has just been picked up by Samsung and is now working for them. He confirmed this via his Facebook account that his new job has nothing to do with CyanogenMod, but at the end of the day, it can only mean good things for Samsung and devices down the road. If only they would add a notification LED.

Hopefully in the long run this will mean a number of different things. Even though it has nothing to do with CyanogenMod, I’m hoping that his experience can lead to better code, closer ties to AOSP on Samsung handsets and also features that are lacking, such as notification LED, even though that is a hardware addition. My fingers are crossed, are yours?

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  • Dylan Xavier

    What i hope and believe may comes from this is Samsung better understanding peoples needs as opposed to just designing a product behind closed doors. and im sure a lot of devs ideas may carry into Samsung’s new phones.

  • Grunger

    This sounds good. It shows that Samsung are already thinking outside the box by bringing in external developers. So hopefully it will only mean good things for Samsung’s future phones and the consumers.