Friday , March 31 2017

Samsung / Google Nexus Prime will only have a WVGA 800×480 display

Samsung make some great phones — 5 million Galaxy S II owners can’t be wrong! — but in my opinion they don’t make phones which push the boundaries, which is why I hope the rumours of Samsung making the next Nexus device are wrong.

If this Nexus Prime device profile from Samsung’s own website is correct then we’re potentially looking at yet another 480×800 screen resolution phone, one of my major criticisms of the Galaxy S II in the age of qHD displays. The Nexus line is supposed to be cutting edge, the new hardware that heralds the next generation of android hardware and software. Samsung’s Nexus S didn’t do it and if this device profile is correct, the Nexus Prime looks like being another mediocre Samsung handset. Please Samsung, don’t disappoint us like you did with the Nexus S, give us a handset that brings something new and exciting! 480×800 screen resolution on a rumoured 4.5″ screen is not good enough. Would you still buy the Nexus Prime if the screen resolution is 480×800?

Source: Samsung.

Matt Booth  

  • Vdgh

    Nope not at all after owing an htc’s like going backwards..!!

  • Gah, why the same screen res as my 18 month old Desire! 

  • Interesting……

    Hell no.

  • probably, it will still be the best phone out there, all other brands are still playing catch up, the sensation is great, but its still a slug compared to the s2

  • Anonymous


  • Gilvinsets

    No I wouldn’t buy a crappy Res screen even if it had a quad core processor because that would be a huge screen with crappy pixils

  • Dear Samsung,

    Best you be trollin’

    Tech Nerds

  • montalbert

    Hell no.I agree with buzz that Samsung are trolling.all the leaked roadmaps say hd screen and with ics having buttons on the screen they will need extra resolution imho …

  • Hikari0307

    I don’t care if it’s not HD but at least be qHD. Samsung better be trolling though I’m not gonna be trading my SII for anything for a while.

    “5 million Galaxy S II owners can’t be wrong!”
    This argument doesn’t work cause then iphone users can use the same argument ahaha XP

  • Are you guys aware that the Nexus phones are designed by Google? 
    So if anyone is to be blamed for the disappointment of the Nexus S is Google and not Samsung!

    As for “they don’t make phones which push the boundaries”, how many boundaries did the Galaxy S2 push?
    World’s thinnest phone packing 1.2 dual core and 1G RAM. Anyone that works in Electronics knows how difficult it is to go small and smaller!

    • The Nexus phones aren’t designed by Google entirely, at all. It’s a combined effort and mainly done by the manufacturer for them to prove to Google they can make leading edge hardware. Google didn’t design the Nexus S, it was Samsung and they did it in 2 weeks — based of the Galaxy S, of course.

      • I understand what you’re talking about, but Samsung can’t be blamed for wanting to develop and Nexus phone that doesn’t compete with their own phones. It’s not for their own benefit. It’s Google’s job to accept the phone or not.

        This is Rubin’s quote on the Nexus Project:”We have a strategy where we have created both Nexus and lead devices (for tablets) category. We use this to help focus our team’s work; every year, around Christmas time, we select a manufacturer to work with to release a device.””That includes things like semi-conductor companies too; then the teams huddle together in one building to work on developments, and that process goes on for around nine to 12 months, and ultimately in the holiday season devices pop out.”

        I’m pretty sure that the Nexus S ticked all the specifications and requirements set by Google (most likely to be NFC, Front facing cam, and good enough grunt to develop for). That’s how work is done in the real world. You don’t just produce a phone in 2 weeks and say here you go.  Communications between project managers and getting documentation done that alone would have taken ages (months!).

  • Can I just point out that the Nexus Prime and Nexus S UA-Build.xml files are almost identical except for the model numbers..

  • Sam

    I honestly don’t underatand what all the fuss is about. 800×480 @ 4″ seems totally fine by me. What exactly is it about qHD that makes it so essential other than bragging rights on your spec sheet?

    • montalbert

      Having used 800×480 extensively, (nexus one,hd2, inspire 4g, and now the qhd sensation,I don’t think I could eve go back to that resolution….it is just awesome imho… Once you have used it for a grew days you realise how nice it is…

    • use a device that’s qHD and you’ll realise instantly what’s so good about it.

  • Anonymous

    If Sony Ericsson bothered to get of their butts and actually make a Nexus device it would be spectacular. Problem is, Sony Ericsson seem to not want to do it for Google and just make android devices on their own. It’s fine by me, but I think making a Nexus device would boost their popularity as an Android manufacturer.

    As for the mediocre specs on this device (if it is indeed the Nexus Prime) I can’t say that I was expecting anything cutting edge from Samsung anyway.

    • Sony Ericsson _were_ building the last Nexus device! It was the Xperia Play, but they pulled out weeks before the launch of Gingerbread. This is why Gingerbread is built for gaming and why Sony Ericsson had such a large influence on it. I don’t think Google will be going back to them anytime soon.

      • Anonymous

        I think the fact that they turned down the offer of making the Nexus One and then changed their mind on the ‘Nexus Play’ puts them very low on Google’s list now. Which is why I wish they bothered to do it in the first place. I don’t see how the Xperia Play would be less popular if it was a Google flagship, I’d be thinking that SE would make a better profit.

        • I’m purely speculating here, but Sony may have said to Sony Ericsson that they didn’t want Google’s name to be on the Xperia Play since it’s very much a Playstation piece of hardware.

          Who knows.

  • Andrew Palozzo

    I disagree, I think samsung pushed lots of boundaries with the s2. Proof is it’s still by large the best android phone in almost everyway..

    No other device comes close and it’s been out for a good 4 months now, which is a rather long time in the android space.

    I was thinking the new nexus might surpass it though, as a 720p screen would’ve been nuts, but if this is the case, based in the rumours I don’t see much advantage of it over the s2.

    So yeah this news sucks if true imo..

  • If this is true, I’m just gonna get an S2 to replace my original S instead. Say what you want about Touchwhiz, I personally love the Samsung additions. Considering I have other Samsung products, everything just works together so much better than stock Android.

  • qHD would be nice, but if it came down to it I would prefer 480 x 800 Super AMOLED than a 540 x 960 S-LCD.

  • Anonymous

    Hell NO! It’s either 720p or iPhone 5…

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure this will be one of the US variants of the galaxy S II or even the LTE version of it.

  • Christopher Salmon

    The way I see it, the Nexus line of phones aren’t necessarily meant to be cutting edge, they’re meant to be developer phones, with the aim that it will be the new standard that all upcoming phones will add features onto.

    You get a Nexus device so you can have a pure, stock Android experience which will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Hikari0307

    hum taking more recent news into account, I’m starting to think this is actually one of the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy SII rather than the next nexus device.

  • Devestator_dark_throne

    ya ya that make a perfect sense screen resolution 480×800 and aspect ratio 1:1 :/

  • The Manic Maniac

    Don’t care for the Nexus Prime, I’ll just wait for the ICS update on my SGS2.

    I don’t get what the big deal is about resolution. I used to have an iPhone 4 (the highest ppi display on a phone I believe) and the high res is only good if you’re zooming in to text so close that it’s not readable, or you zoom really far out. Other than that, the difference is marginal. Especially with this “QHD” crap. It’s barely a difference. Oh ok, icons are a little smaller, wow.

    I’d personally take the AMOLED display over a higher resolution (within reason of course). but for a phone of the SGSII’s size, 800×480 is fine.

    Also, maybe Samsung don’t want to make the Nexus line of phones blitz everything else, because they want their Galaxy S II to be the ‘premium’ phone of theirs.

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