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Samsung make some great phones — 5 million Galaxy S II owners can’t be wrong! — but in my opinion they don’t make phones which push the boundaries, which is why I hope the rumours of Samsung making the next Nexus device are wrong.

If this Nexus Prime device profile from Samsung’s own website is correct then we’re potentially looking at yet another 480×800 screen resolution phone, one of my major criticisms of the Galaxy S II in the age of qHD displays. The Nexus line is supposed to be cutting edge, the new hardware that heralds the next generation of android hardware and software. Samsung’s Nexus S didn’t do it and if this device profile is correct, the Nexus Prime looks like being another mediocre Samsung handset. Please Samsung, don’t disappoint us like you did with the Nexus S, give us a handset that brings something new and exciting! 480×800 screen resolution on a rumoured 4.5″ screen is not good enough. Would you still buy the Nexus Prime if the screen resolution is 480×800?

Source: Samsung.
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