Saturday , June 24 2017

Android is King in UK Smartphone Market

In a relentless march to the top, Android has taken over the number one spot for smartphone sales in the UK. This tops off a massive period for Android worldwide, where it’s taken over the top spot in Australia and has made massive impact on the iOS market share in the USA.

Android took a massive 47.1% of the smartphone sales in the UK for the last 3 months (period ending August 7th) compared to Androids nearest competitor Blackberry, at 21.5%, and a loss of 7.2% market share down to 19.1% for iOS. It’s fair to say that Android’s growth has made it the market leader in the UK. Like the Australian numbers in the article Lucas wrote in the middle of August, the iOS numbers are likely a little deflated due to the ever increasing rumours of the pending iPhone 5 release; only time will tell.

Source: Talk Android.

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Loads of my friends from the UK are praising about the Samsung Galaxy 2 on facebook. So I wouldn’t be surprised that it is mainly due to that phone is the reason why Android is so popular in the UK.  


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