Monday , June 26 2017

HP Touchpad progress: Touchscreen now working!

There’s been a continual stream of information coming from both the Team Touchdroid and the Cyanogen Mod Teams who are working feverishly to port Android to the HP Touchpads. Both teams have successfully had the Touchpad booting but only “functional” while connected to a PC via cable as the Touchscreen was proving to be quite troublesome to get working. That was until last night when Team Touchdroid released this video showing that they now have multi touch working successfully on the device.

There are a number of other hurdles to overcome before everyday users see a port of Android on their Touchpad but this is without a doubt, a huge leap forward.


Phil Tann   Senior Associate

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I’m still very happy with the Touchpad and WebOS as it is (after applying tweaks and OC to 1.7). Having Android as a dual boot option will be icing on the cake and give us access to all the android apps


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